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How to blend eyeshadow perfectly and naturally? The smudge of eye shadow is simply a big problem for beginners, it is not evenly spread, and it is agglomerated! Don’t worry, it is completely achievable through makeup technology. Eye shadow is a must for eye makeup. Its effect is determined by light and dark tones. The following small series for you to organize eye shadow and how to smudge, I hope to help you.

Eye shadows are generally smudged on the upper and lower eyelids, around the eyes, and at the end of the eyes. Through different color combinations, different smudge techniques, and the performance of eye shadow colors on different eye structures, a variety of different styles and temperaments are created. Makeup to add radiance and glamour to the eyes.

How to blend eyeshadow if you use a single eyeshadow palette?

The flat application method is a makeup technique in which a single-color eyeshadow is evenly applied to the eyelid. One color of eye shadow is applied directly and flat, which is best for puffy eyes. The light-colored flat coating can make people look very simple and young; the dark-colored flat coating can make people appear straightforward and fashionable.

Gradient single-color smudge, the eye shadow is smudged horizontally to the eye crease, first use a small eyeshadow brush to dip the light color as a primer, start from the eyelashes, and then smudge the dark color to half of the light color In one place, pay attention to the level transition of the gradient!

Gradient two-color smudge, before choosing the color, it depends on the style you want and the occasion you go in and out. If you want to be softer, you can choose similar colors. If you want to exaggerate, you can choose complementary colors. The most attractive part of makeup is it You can create different feelings and styles through color changes!

When the two-color eyeshadow is smudged. Be sure to pay attention to the transition between the two colors, if you are a beginner, it is not easy to smudge the eye shadow! You can choose to use pearl white to slightly smudge at the junction of the two colors to soften it!

Shows jumping colors, and a bright rhythm, which is richer than the gradient method. The back eyeshadow is darker and the front eyeshadow is lighter. Or the front and back eye shadows are darker, and the middle is the lightest. If the color contrast between the front and back is strong, it will highlight the gorgeous makeup effect. The drawing method of segmented eye shadow can be divided into two-stage and three-stage.

To achieve the effect of the overall upper and lower echoes, the eye shadow should also be slightly excessive! Only 1/2 of the end of the eye after smearing, and the front 1/2 is overused with pearl white, which makes the eyes brighter and more energetic!

The three-dimensional blending method is an essential step in creating a delicate eye shadow. The middle is shallow and the two sides are deep; the applicability and the three-dimensional sense are strong; higher makeup techniques are required. The three-dimensional smudge method is a smudge method to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the eyes.

The upper part (the area of the eye socket) gradually becomes shallower from the deep. Apply darker shades to the hollows of the eyes and lighter shades to the bulges. The smudge of dark and bright colors should be connected naturally, and the transition between light and dark should be reasonable.

According to the structural characteristics of the eye shape, choose a combination of dark and bright eye shadows to reflect the three-dimensional effect through the light and dark changes of colors. Apply dark eyeshadow to the root of the eyelashes and the outer corner of the eye socket, and apply the bright color to the outer edge of the orbit and the middle of the upper eye face.

How to blend eyeshadow perfectly and naturally? The above is the summary for you. It should be noted that when two or more eye shadow colors are matched, special attention should be paid to the transition of intermediate colors. Each eye shadow painting method can show different visual effects. You can try each and choose the most suitable one for you.