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How to choose mascara for natural looking lashes? Makeup is not static, it always changes according to the occasions, popularity, etc., such as your eye makeup, lip makeup will change, but the lack of eyelashes is consistent, no matter when you need long eyelashes, it can add the finishing touch to your makeup and make your whole person delicate and beautiful.

Choosing mascara is of course important! There are many types of mascara of various shapes of bristles, and the effects are completely different. Here are a few types of mascara and their applicable types for you to understand. First of all, mascara can be roughly divided into four categories according to its efficacy: normal thick, curled, elongated, and more detailed special brush heads.

How to select mascara for natural looking lashes?

For short, sparse lashes, the best method recommended here is to choose a lengthening mascara and apply two coats to the lashes with this mascara. The first layer is only brushed on the roots, and when it dries, apply another layer, and the second brush should cover the entire length of the lashes.

The bristles of the slender brush head are not as dense as the thick brush head, and the gap between the bristles is larger. The finish is natural and suitable for everyday makeup. For example, Perfect Diary’s High Definition Long Lasting Multi Function Mascara is a super-fine brush mascara that works well!

The first is its brush head, which is very slender and easy to create natural and gentle eyelashes in Japanese makeup. It is highly recommended for people who do not wear makeup, because it can have a higher degree of fit with their eyelashes, wraps each eyelash very naturally, and ensures that the brushed eyelashes are more natural. Don’t worry about clumping, it builds fast and doesn’t cause smudging.

Secondly, its unique 3D-Lash lifting Carnauba wax formula can better help lashes grow and lift. After brushing on the eyelashes, the concept of waterproof, sweat-proof, and makeup-proof is truly implemented. It is also very simple to use. Before brushing the eyelashes, you need to curl the eyelashes first, so that the eyelashes have an upturned angle so that it will be easier to brush to the roots when brushing. After curling the eyelashes, start to apply mascara. The brushing sequence starts from the root and upwards, and you can follow the brush.

When the brush head is at the root, you can lift it slightly and stay for a longer time, the purpose is to make the root thicker and more upward. At the corners and ends of the eyes, the brush head can be erected, and the eyelashes on both sides can be brushed from the bottom to the top, to ensure that all the eyelashes are brushed. Then use a small brush to straighten out the lashes to give them the perfect finish.

And if you want your eyelashes to be upturned like a small fan, then you need such a curved brush head. It can keep the eyelashes curled during use, and can take care of the eyelashes at the end and head of the eye. Some people may wonder, should I use the concave side or the convex side to brush? The standard usage is to first use the concave surface to brush from the root of the eyelashes to set the shape, and then use the convex surface to brush the end of the eyelashes, and simply and rudely lift the eyelashes.

At this point, another mascara for natural looking lashes from Perfect Diary can help you. Wide Angle Overcurl Lengthening Mascara, like its name, is different from the above mascara that we mentioned.

Its curved brush head design with crescent teeth and double combs is very friendly to swollen eye blisters, and it is very suitable for Asians or people with swollen eyelids. The mascara with the curved brush head can also easily brush out thick and curled eyelashes, which is relatively easy to operate.

If your makeup skills are better, you might as well use this mascara to brush the upper lashes, and then use the extremely fine straight brush to brush the lower lashes, which can brush out the lower lashes with distinct roots and make the lower lashes appear thicker.