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Brown lip liner with pink lipstick has been a trendy lip combo for some time. The combination of brown and pink lips gives you more options and adds definition to your look. The lip liner helps to outline the lip shape. Many girls who think their lips are too thick or too thin can use a lip liner to outline their lip shape to the desired thickness. The beauty of this lip combo is that it looks good on any skin tone.

How to make a brown & pink lip combo
Step1: Choose a concealer and apply it to your lips with a powder puff to make full coverage on your lips to cover your lip color. Make sure that the color matches your skin makeup tone so the overall look can be natural.

Step2: Choose a brown lip liner and start with the tip of your upper lip. Apply the liner to the edge of your lips, making sure to stretch your lips. Rather than drawing a harsh line, it’s better to go further into the middle, making the lip liner easier to blend the lipstick later.

Step3: Select your pink lipstick and apply a small amount to the center of your upper and lower lips. Use your fingertip to blend the lipstick and lightly smudge them together. Then, take a closer look at your lip line and use your lip brush or fingertip to blend the lip liner into the lipstick.

Step4: If you want to switch between matte and shiny effects on your lips, then you can bring a transparent lip gloss and apply it to your lips when you want to. However, you can go for a pink lip gloss in step 3 if you prefer a shiny lip look.

Tips on applying the lip liner
If you want to make your lips look bigger and plump, you can overline your lips in step 2. However, to avoid having sausage-like lips, do not overline your lips excessively. The presentation of beauty and attractiveness is the ultimate purpose of our makeup; therefore, the appropriate amount of exaggeration is best.

When choosing a lip liner, it is preferable to select products that has a creamy texture and a silky-smooth finish. The creamy ones mix well with your lipsticks to make the overall appearance more natural and won’t leave a harsh line.

When applying the lip liner, remember to draw a little into the lips so that about three-quarters of your lips are covered with lip liner. Then you can use the lipsticks over the top and smudge them together to have a seamless transition that looks natural and gradient.

Benefits of brown lip liner with pink lipstick combo
Great for creating various visual look
This brown & pink lip combo is a to-go choice if you crave a dramatic look. By enhancing your lips and experimenting with different lipstick textures, you may create a variety of lip looks. There are several choices, including glittery lip gloss and lip gloss with shimmer. Choose the ideal mix, and the makeup will provide a variety of visual effects.

Natural look
Except for the dramatic look, this lip combo can also provide a natural appearance. Dark lip liners will sometimes look fake and unnatural, but brown lip liner is a moderate shade for daily routines. This look can be gentle and natural by pairing with pink lipsticks and having them properly blend with each other.

Suitable for all skin tones
No matter what skin tone, anyone may use this lip look as a straightforward approach to get a dramatic appearance or a delicate and natural one. You must pick the appropriate shade of brown and pink color to create your lip combo.

In conclusion, brown lip liner with pink lipstick is an excellent option for your makeup. No matter what brand of lip product you choose, you can always create a tremendous brown & pink lip look. The most crucial point is to make sure the products are safe and toxin-free.