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To start with, it’s necessary to know the basic types of pastel makeup palettes. They can be divided into two types. One is a rainbow palette with almost every color in a soft hue. Such a palette requires your skill in blending colors when you put it on your face. The other is a palette with a theme color and all the colors in this palette change their shade around the theme color. For instance, a purple-centered pastel palette may contain lavender, lilac, mauve, or violet.

The best pastel makeup palette delivers a lively look. If you enjoy fresh and different looks for your eyes every day. A neon-colored pastel palette is highly recommended. It usually contains more than twenty distinct colors, which allows you to create a different makeup look. Today you are a cute school girl and tomorrow you will be the hottest babe on the beaches. One pastel palette will fulfill all your needs to be dramatic.

Compared with single-color eyeshadow, we call pastel makeup palettes the best eyeshadow solution. Not only because it gives various colors to our eyes, but also because it enables us to dream in the makeup world. Who wants to be the same person, typing shit in that cubicle we have been too familiar with every day. We desire changes! If life can’t be changed easily, at least we could embrace changes for our eye makeup with the best pastel makeup palette.

For makeup beginners, one theme color-based pastel palette is a better choice. Before you master the relationships between different colors and shades, this palette will save you the trouble of matching colors. This palette is also designed for low-key makeup lovers. No big contrast will be made in your eyes. It’s just going to be natural and peaceful.

When different shades of purple encounter neutral colors like skin color or light brow, unbelievable chemistry happens. With a pastel rooted in purple but upgraded with some neutrals, you can build the wonderful eye look you can ever dream of. It will be low-profile but not too much, yet exaggerated but not too much. It’s a combination of ups and downs, the subtle art of moderation.

We will go into detail about how to create moderate eye makeup with a purple-based pastel palette. All the first steps for eye makeup is, as usual, to put on the primer to make it easier for coming coloring steps. If the primer is not even above your eyes, here is a small tip. Try to use a light purple to blend with it.

Now you can choose mauve from your palette, laying it all over from the inner corner outward. You can use a sponge or a brush as it’s handy for you. You should not fear it’s overdone because this step is to provide a base of purple vibe around your eyes, preparing them for further and deeper purple.

Then you should give importance to the outer half of your lids. Start from the middle and brush a deeper purple toward the end of your eyes. It may overlap with the mauve you just apply and that’s the right way to do it. To make both colors even and blended, you are supposed to use a soft brush to diffuse them in the middle line and at the edges of your eyeshadow.

If you want to enhance the purple vibe around your eyes, don’t save the step of lining your lower lids near your lower waterlines. A thin mauve line will do unless you want a bloated and dirty eye look. In the end, just put on your brown eyeliner and black mascara, and your look with the best pastel makeup palette is done!

If you haven’t decided which is your best pastel makeup palette, you can try this purple-based palette, and trust me, you will have yours right away after trying it!