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Are you looking for a full coverage combination skin foundation? We all know, combination skin is a combination of dry skin and oily skin. It is generally oily in the T-zone of the face and dries on the cheeks. We can say it is an unstable skin type.

You may have a headache regarding how to choose a liquid foundation that suits you. When choosing a liquid foundation, you can separate it. The T-zone of the face is for oily skin, and the cheek area is for dry skin. It can also be done according to dry skin.

As for the T-zone that is prone to oil production, when applying the base makeup, use the beauty sponge to absorb oil, and then you can also use makeup setting powder, which can still improve the problem of oil production and makeup removal.  

How to choose a full coverage combination skin foundation?

To put it simply, the oil-controlling and long-lasting liquid foundation are very suitable for oily skin. It can prevent the skin from oiling and cause the makeup to fall off. As time goes by, the makeup will be more docile. Moisturizing and moisturizing liquid foundation is very suitable for use on dry skin, which makes it easier to apply makeup.

Perfect Diary’s High Coverage Liquid Foundation is a decent liquid foundation. First of all, as the texture of liquid foundation, it is very suitable for mixed skin, because the texture of the liquid foundation is liquid, with strong fluidity and extensibility, and the oil control effect is better. Compared with cream foundation and cream foundation, It’s already an easier product to apply makeup on.

When this bottle is first applied, the makeup looks very beautiful. It has a matte finish and a very watery texture. It will dry out quickly, so push it away quickly. It creates a natural glow. Highly fit the skin tone, creating a high-grade texture makeup. After oiling, the beautiful creamy skin is not the kind of abstract painting.

The long-lasting makeup and coverage are very good. Its selling point is its high concealing power, which can hide pores and cover acne marks. Long-term makeup is not afraid of oily sweat.

There will be almost no problem of oxidative discoloration after applying the foundation, and it will rarely be affected by external factors and cause the problem of darkening of the foundation when the makeup is worn for a long time. People who pursue light and light makeup should consider it carefully.

If you prefer a clearer liquid foundation, you can consider Supreme Nude Natural Flawless Hydrating Liquid Foundation. This liquid foundation has a matte finish on the face, with a relatively fluid texture, easy to spread, not easy to stick powder, and not too oily after follow-up. Its concealer is okay, but especially dry skin must pay attention to moisturizing.

This foundation blends well with the skin and fits very well. The disadvantage is that the coverage is not as high as the above one, and the oil control is slightly inferior, but it can last up to 6 hours after finishing the makeup. If you like fresh and natural skin without makeup, you can try this.

When it goes to full coverage combination skin foundation for T-zone, the Renewal Flawless Cushion Foundation is Perfect Diary’s ace powder. It not only has a simple and elegant nude pink appearance but also can create a nude makeup effect. The elastic powder is covered with thin gauze, just a little bit can be evenly patted on the whole face, and the makeup feels light and moist. At this time, you can use it as a foundation for the T zone.

This air cushion foundation combines the high stretchability of liquid foundation, a light, and comfortable makeup feel, and the fast application of air cushion. Just lightly pat and press, it can adhere to the even and precise amount of powder! Infused with vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5, you will not wear makeup all day long, but also have a low-key satin luster, maintain a stable skin condition, and have a bright and good complexion.

Of course, after you apply foundation on your face, don’t forget to set your makeup. You can use long-lasting oil-controlling moisturizing makeup setting water and makeup setting powder to maintain the base makeup, so as to effectively maintain the flawless base makeup under hot, high temperatures and sweating!