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Does anyone know mascara primer how to use? And why are your eyelashes always uncurled and unshaped? Many newbies watch makeup tutorials over and over again before applying makeup, only to find that the results are not as good as they should be. Most people encounter various problems with their eye makeup, such as flattened lashes that don’t curl, which is a problem for most new makeup artists.

This is mainly because their eyelashes are not well primed, and when the eyelashes are not curled, they cannot be permanently shaped, which can lead to a significant reduction in the overall effect of the makeup, so in order to better give the eyelashes the desired effect, this is why they should use mascara primer.

Many girls today wear makeup, and those who do are familiar with the use of cosmetics. But for girls who want to learn how to apply makeup but haven’t mastered the skills yet, it’s important to know the use and function of each type of makeup. Do you know the role of eyelash primer? Today, we will introduce it to you.

The main role of eyelash primer is to set and thicken the lashes. It contains a shaping solution and some white fibers that help you to make your eyelashes longer when you brush them, creating a curled and well-defined eyelash. And if you are not very good at brushing your eyelashes and often don’t apply mascara well, you can try using a mascara primer, which can help you apply better eye makeup.

Of course, you don’t have to use a mascara primer. If your lashes are already thick and curly, then mascara is enough. But if your lashes are not curly enough and not long enough, it is necessary that mascara primer how to use to define and increase the thickness of your lashes.

How do I use it?
1. When we use the mascara primer to prime our lashes, we first use an eyelash curler to curl the curves. The trick to using an eyelash curler is to first gently clip from the root of the eyelashes a few times, then clip the middle part of the eyelashes, and finally clip the outermost part of the eyelashes. Be careful to use light and even pressure when curling, so that the lashes appear to have a natural curvature.

2. Next, use a mascara primer to evenly coat the eyelashes, starting with the root of the eyelashes and brushing upwards, then leaving the brush in place for a longer period of time. When applying mascara primer at the end of the eyelashes, the amount should be reduced appropriately to make the lashes look more natural.

3. Mascara primer is mostly white and mascara is mostly black or brown in color. The two serve much the same purpose, but mascara primer also has a defining effect. So lash primer and mascara can be used together, but of course you can also use only one product, then the effect of the eye makeup will certainly not be as good as you think.

How do I choose?
To create a more defined lash effect, it is best to choose a mascara with a 360-degree spiral brush that wraps around each lash, leaving no dead space, and is precise enough to show a more defined effect. In addition, if it is a slim triangular brush head, it can quickly fit the thin and soft eyelashes, creating efficient use of the features, while also not appearing fly-tipped, which is why it is important to use mascara primer.

In addition to the color, it is best to choose a very mild ingredient formula, so that the cream can be used smoothly and smoothly, not easily hard and fly-legged problems, and when removed with only warm water wet, gently wipe to quickly complete the makeup removal work. It also uses a combination of amino acids and hyaluronic acid to create tougher hairs and prevent lashes from falling out easily.

After understanding mascara primer how to use, are you already tempted to place an order for a mascara primer that suits you? I hope your makeup will have long, curly and beautiful eyelashes to add glory to your look.