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Many new makeup practitioners may ask what does setting spray do and how to use it. Well, it is an amazing product for setting makeup.

Makeup enhances a person’s image in a way that no other method can replace. It can turn a Cinderella into Snow White instantly. However, no matter how delicate the makeup is, there is a fear that it will come off. If soon after going out, the makeup melts in the sun, or is messy in the wind, all the previous efforts will be wasted. Therefore, setting the makeup, it is particularly vital.

Principle of setting spray

The basic composition of a makeup setting spray is a combination of water, a moisturizer plus a film-forming agent. Water dissolves the makeup on the face and the ingredients of the setting spray together. The moisturizer increases the moisturization of the skin, prevents the skin from drying out, and makes the makeup and the skin fit together better.

Film-forming agents can form a film on the surface of the skin to fix the makeup and provide a setting effect. Some film-forming agents are also waterproof, sweatproof and grease-proof. They can keep the skin from floating and dissolving for a long time, thus achieving the purpose of setting makeup.

Some ” setting sprays ” also contain coloring agents and sunscreens, which provide color correction and light sun protection. This type of “setting spray” is suitable for dry and cold seasons, as well as for dry skin, most of which is well moisturized and does not pull dry. It has a strong setting power and can keep your makeup intact even under extreme conditions like swimming in water.

How to use the setting spray

What does setting spray do in your face? It is very important to use the fixing spray, if not used properly, it is easy to melt off the painted makeup.

When choosing a “fixing spray”, the spray must be fine. If the spray is coarse, sprayed on the face of the water droplets, it is easy to dissolve the makeup, but not to achieve the effect of fixing the makeup, the previous work is also abandoned.

In addition, when spraying, not too close to the face. It is best to keep more than 15CM, too close to the spray, spray water beads too large, easy to dissolve makeup. Spray on the top of the face at an angle of 45 degrees, side, front gently press each three times, with a clean sponge or tissue gently press, absorbing excess water.

What to pay attention to when choosing a fixing spray

IF you want to know more about what does setting spray do, you need to understand how to pick it. Here’s what to look for when picking a setting spray.

1. Spray water mist particle size, generally speaking, the more delicate the water mist the better. This spray will be more even and soft. Before buying it is recommended to go to the counter to try (if you buy a large particle of water mist, be sure to spray from a distance).

2. Whether the acrylic acid (ester) / allyl methacrylate copolymer

The acrylic acid (ester) / allyl methacrylate copolymer is the main component of the fixing spray, with film-forming properties, can increase the permanence of the base makeup. However, some setting sprays do not contain this ingredient, and the effect of setting makeup will be greatly reduced.

3. whether it contains mineral oil and isopropyl palmitate

For oily skin and acne skin, you must avoid these two ingredients. The mineral oil has poor breathability and can easily cause pore blockage. Isopropyl palmitate tends to cause acne. For people who already have acne, using products containing this ingredient can aggravate acne outbreaks.

4. Whether it contains moisturizing ingredients

If there are moisturizing ingredients in the setting spray (e.g. glycerin, vitamin B5, natural moisturizing factor NMF, hyaluronic acid, etc.), it can play some moisturizing role after spraying on the face, which is very friendly for dry skin. And with moisturizing ingredients even if it does not contain acrylic (ester) / allyl methacrylate copolymer will also have some setting effect.

It’s a wrap

Makeup setting spray has many advantages and it is suitable for many occasions. You can judge whether it is a suitable product for you after trying it.