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Eyebrow brush and comb are both essential gadgets for beautifying eyebrows. Usually, after the primer is finished, it is necessary to thrush the eyebrows. Comb the eyebrows neatly and then color them, it will be easier to see the parts of the eyebrows that need to be modified. This eyebrow comb is very common and very easy to find on the market.

In addition, eyebrow combs can also be used to brush eyelashes. Many brands will write the name of such gadgets as Brow and Eyelash Comb/Brush. The brow brushes are roughly divided into two types according to their shape, the oblique brow brush and the flat brow brush.

How to use the eyebrow brush and comb?

Simple said, first use the brow brush to remove the dander on the eyebrows, then use the eyebrow pencil to trace the shape of the eyebrows, and then use the brow brush to lightly comb the eyebrows along the direction of the eyebrows, so that the shades of the eyebrows are consistent and natural coordination, and finally use the brow brush to draw the messy eyebrows.

With the help of the eyebrow brush and comb, the eyebrows are drawn naturally and neatly.

Outline your brows with a flat, angled brow brush, together these two are the perfect option! The brow brush head is generally hard and can better outline the outline; the angled brush head can draw very narrow areas and is also very good for coloring. When thrusting the eyebrows, pay attention to the first stroke on the eyebrow waist, and then use the remaining powder to smudge in the direction of the brow tail and brow.

The brow comb is a double-sided brush, with a small comb on one side and a hard row brush on the other. Brow brushes can be divided into angled brushes, spiral brow brushes, dual-purpose brow brushes, hard brow brushes, etc. Some eyebrow combs are spiral brushes.

The spiral brush is a kind of hard fiber brush. Its characteristic is that it can comb the eyebrows, remove the excess color on the eyebrows, and make the eyebrow color soft and natural; it can also be used to comb the eyebrows or eyelashes.

Most are stiff brushes with angled heads made of nylon or rayon. Before eyebrow trimming and thrush, you can use the brow brush to swipe the eyebrows neatly. After thrush, use the brow brush to swipe in the direction of the eyebrows so that the eyebrow color can be natural and the eyebrow shape is neat.

Use the brow comb along the direction of the eyebrow hair to comb through the brow powder that is caked or too dark. The eyebrow comb can make the hair fluency of the eyebrows stronger; smudge the drawn eyebrows to make the eyebrows more even.

The brow brush can replace the eyebrow pencil and can be used in combination with the eyebrow pencil to smudge a more natural eyebrow shape. Not only does it draw eyebrows, but it can also tint and repair eyebrows. The materials of brow brushes are different, there are pig hair brushes and mink hair brushes.

You can choose the hard bristle brush. The hard bristle material and the angled design of the brush head make it easy and quick to shape eyebrows. It is suitable for use after drawing the eyebrows, and the eyebrow powder is evenly swept on the eyebrows for a natural effect.

The method of cleaning the eyebrow brush and comb are very simple. Add the special makeup brush cleaner to a small amount of water, mix it with foam, soak the brow brush, then take out the brow brush and wipe it back and forth in the palm, thoroughly clean the brow brush, and repeat several times.

After that, rinse the brow brush with clean water. Finally, use a dry paper towel to absorb the excess water on the brow brush, then dry it and put it away.

If you don’t have a brow brush, you can temporarily use a cotton swab instead, or you can use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow dye, but it is not recommended to use other things instead of the brow brush. Although they can occasionally play with the effect of the brow brush, but can not achieve the easy operation and coloring effect of the brow brush.