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How can the under eye brightening powder beautify your eyes? Many girls are annoyed by their tear trough, dark circles, and eye bags. Many of you will wake up with puffy eyes, which make you look weird and sleepy. You can apply perfect makeup to hide it.

The tear trough is a big headache. The tear trough is a groove that starts from the inner corner of the eye and appears on the nasal side of the lower eyelid. Some people can even extend to the cheeks, generally, people with thinner eyelids are more likely to appear. Today I’ll show you how you can make it disappear from your face.

By brightening the skin around the eyes, the dark circles or tear trough will visually disappear, which is faster than injecting! It also eliminates the risk of surgery. Makeup is still a relatively fast method. Although it needs to be applied every day, it is relatively safe. The under eye brightening powder is a must-have item in order to help you.

There are matte, preadolescent, and bright powder eye shadows on the market. Some people may tend to use bright color eyeshadow to do highlighting. Such as gentle pumpkin color, commuter earth color, date peach color, and so on.

There are two main types of eye highlight powder, one is without glitter powder, and the other is with glitter powder. The glitter powder in eye shadow is generally harmless to the human body. You can use it without worrying.

Usually, eye shadows with mica ingredients will have some sparkling particles, and mica is the collective name of mica minerals, which has a glass luster. Many cosmetics have mica ingredients added, and the purpose of adding mica is to brighten the appearance of color and appear glossy.

The first step in reducing swelling eye makeup is to do a good job of concealer because the pigmentation around the eyes will not only affect the delicate sense of eye makeup but also large-area defects such as dark circles and tear troughs will also make the makeup look more swollen, so we need to cover them up with concealer before applying the eyeshadow.

Concealers should be moisturizing enough to avoid the problem of sticking powder and floating powder. You can choose a brighter shade and brighten the area under the eyes, which will make you look more energetic.

However, there is no need to bring the remaining powder to the upper eyelid. The oily ingredients of the concealer may affect the color rendering and compliance of the eyeshadow, so choose a special eyeshadow primer for the upper eyelid and bring it to the place where the eyeshadow will be drawn on the lower eyelid. is the more correct way.

How to apply under eye brightening powder? You can either use a brush or your finger to highlight the under eyes. First, use a round brush to dab in the powder for fair skin. You can choose a color that is one shade lighter than your skin as a brightening color. This color will be more natural than a brightening powder with preadolescent light.

Note that the highlight powder cannot be directly used to cover the protruding areas, but to brighten the sunken parts, and making the sunken places have a sense of saturation is the key to repelling the tear trough!

Choose the powder of your skin tone and take a small amount with a cotton swab. Apply and press on the eye and under the eye, so that this position has a saturated feeling, and it will not be as makeup-like as pearl eyeshadow powder to brighten the eye. The principle is also to use the dark side of the eye to achieve the effect.

The eyes are the most expressive areas of the face. If you want your eyes to be large, clear, and attractive, you can use a combination of eye shadows that give the eyes a three-dimensional effect, eye colors, eyeliners, eyelash curlers, and mascara that can deepen the impression of the eyes. The tools work wonders!

Of course, the under eye brightening powder is a magical item! the choice of color is also very important to create beautiful eye makeup. Come and master the superb eye makeup technique and lock in the powerful and smart eyes!