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Lashes and lip gloss are the must-have highlights of a delicate and captivating makeup look. Long, thick lashes and a glossy lip gloss allow you to stand out in the crowd. So, it’s worth thinking about learning how to choose the right mascara and lip gloss.

How to choose a right mascara?

The brush head of your mascara plays an important role in creating different lash effects. There are also differences in the brush heads used for different types of lashes. Below we introduce the various mascara brush heads.

Curved brush head

This is a curved brush head with a concave curvature in the middle, which is more in line with the shape of the eye and makes it easier to brush the eyelashes; the second is that the concave eyelashes start to lift the eyelashes upwards at the root of the eyelashes when you brush them, which improves the curl.
Suitable for: short, thin lashes, flat lashes that don’t curl.

Straight brush head

The brush head is flat and straight, with a long, thin brush head and a large gap between the bristles, so that the cream on the bristles wraps around the lashes from the roots and produces well-defined lashes with a natural look, especially for everyday makeup.
Suitable for: People with short, thick lashes who like a natural look.

Thick, fat bristle brush head

This shape of brush head is also straight, but the bristles are dense and the gap between the bristles is small, so the bristles can be attached to a dense cream and the lashes come out naturally voluminous and dense.
Suitable for: people with long and sparse eyelashes who like thick, curly and dense lashes.

Comb tooth brush head

As the name suggests, it is a brush head that looks like a comb, the kind that combs the lashes one by one, so that the lashes are clear but not dense, but quite natural.
Suitable for: people with long and thick eyelashes, who like to have clear eyelashes.

How to use mascara to get long, thin lashes

Step 1: Pull up your eyelids to clip your eyelashes. If you have single eyelids or inner eyelids, pull your eyelids up slightly when curling your lashes to reach the root of your lashes. Not everyone’s eyelashes are suitable to be curled at the front, middle and back of the eyelashes, instead focus on the root to maintain a basic curl.

Step 2: Apply mascara overlappingly. To adjust the shape of your eyelashes beautifully, you need to apply mascara in an overlapping fashion. Start by fanning out from the roots, and brush the top of the lashes with fibers.

Step 3: Apply mascara in different ways for different effects. For thick mascara, use a zigzag brush; for long mascara, just brush vertically upwards.

Step 4: Mix mascara. To enhance the look, apply mascara to the roots first to support the curves, then apply a thickening mascara to thicken the lashes, and finally apply a lengthening mascara to the tips to grow the lashes.

Step 5: An electric mascara can make the curl last longer. If your eyelashes tend to sag, we recommend using an eyelash comb to open your lashes from the bottom and then use an electric lash curler to curl them upwards for a longer lasting effect than using an eyelash curler.

Lashes and lip gloss are both vital, so about lip gloss, how to choose and apply?

Pick lip gloss according to your skin tone. When we pick a lip gloss, it is important to choose it based on the skin tone. For example, yellowish skin tones are suitable for orange or coral lip glosses with yellow tones, and avoid pink lip glosses with blue tones inside.

People with dark skin tone should never use neutral colors such as brownish red, chocolate red, light gray, etc. They can choose lip glosses that contain gold or pearl glitter, or low-profile lip glosses such as translucent dark colors to show off either a flamboyant or elegant temperament.

How to use lip gloss?

1. Apply over your original lip color. Dip a lip brush into a bit of light-colored lip gloss, brush it on the middle of your lips, and then gently smudge it.

2. Match with blush. Choose a lip gloss in the same color as your blush and brush it on your lips to show that your makeup has a high level.

3. Apply over lipstick. Apply a layer of lipstick first, then a layer of lip gloss to make the color of your lips thicker and moister and brighter.

4. Apply on the middle of your lips. First use a lip liner to outline the shape of your lips, apply lipstick, and then apply the lip gloss in the middle of your lips with just a dot. This is a very fashionable way to apply it with a charming personality.


The right lash and lip gloss give you a radiant look. If you want effortlessly long lashes, this product Wide Angle Overcurl Lengthening Mascara is highly recommended, and Floating Light Lip Gloss is the perfect match for it.