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The pink and purple eyeshadow palette is very popular now. Some time ago, Taylor Swift attended the BBMA red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards in a purple short dress. Not only was she dressed very fairy, but she also painted purple eye makeup of the same color. Many people use basic colors to draw eyeshadow. Many colors look good together, such as purple and pink, which are unexpectedly gentle. Let’s take a look!

If you like the overall eye makeup purple makeup with cool tones, it is quite a goddess. If you want to be more youthful and livelier, you can use a little pinker tone. The chic pink and purple color that will not be conspicuous and swollen is gentle to the heart.

How to apply the pink and purple eyeshadow palette?

Many people think that pink and purple eye makeup, especially purple eye makeup, although very fairy, is not suitable for all skin tones. This idea is wrong. As long as you choose the right color system and find the right painting method, it is still very beautiful.

First of all, in terms of eye shadow primer, you can directly use a light color as a primer. We used a warm-toned dry rose base to establish a gentle base for the eye makeup, and then chose a purple eyeshadow with higher saturation and evenly applied it to the back third of the eyelid.

At the same time, use a small brush to smudge the same color on the lower eyelid, which will make the eye makeup more integrated. Next, replace the dark purple and choose a darker eye shadow such as burgundy and purple to deepen the end of the eye. Still smudge the triangular area under the eyes at the same time, deepening the outline of the tail of the eyes.

The most critical step: Take out a bling glitter eye shadow and superimpose it on the eyelid to the middle of the eyelid! This is the point of your eye makeup! Although the glitter is added, this pink and purple eyeshadow palette makeup is not exaggerated, and it looks good whether it is for daily work or on a date.

The main point is that the overall color selection is warmer. For example, in addition to the conventional pearlescent matte colors, you can consider the very rare large glitter color, which is a noble and brilliant one in the eye shadow palette. Saying this, you can try our Explorer Eyeshadow Palette. The butterfly one is a hit, each palette has up to twelve dreamy colors that suit your daily makeup.

This pink and purple eyeshadow palette comes in a range of novel and blendable shades in matte, pearlized textures. If you like shimmering and metallic finishes, you can’t miss this palette. A double-headed professional brush and a mirror are included for your convenience. Such a beautiful palette to any girl or woman who likes refreshed makeup.

Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette is another palette that we will highly recommend. If you like mature pink and purple colors, this palette will be your option. A warm-toned & all-purpose palette for an everyday makeup look, with micro fine powders adding glow to your eyelids. This well-edited palette features 9 shades and provides an array of highly-pigmented and fine powder textures to create endless looks.

You can find an array of textures for creating matte, satin, glitter, and metallic finishes. Evenly pigmented, long-lasting, weightless, and skin-friendly. So the performance is very creamy and beautiful. No matter whether you are a young girl or an elegant lady, you will find your dream color.

If the eye makeup is well-drawn, you have all the charm you want. If you want to be more charming and sexy as a woman, pink and purple eye makeup will help. The matte color can create a beautiful soft fog color, the sequin color has a good texture, the shine is not rough, and the color rendering is not too exaggerated.

No matter which one of our eyeshadows is, the color is excellent, and the powder is fine and smudged. A fine shimmer is also nice to use for brightening. If you do a good eye primer and then apply eye shadow, the effect will be better.