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Do you want to put up a nice out-of-office makeup and have some fun with friends on Friday after a week of work? During the day, many people only paint light makeup at work, and it is too troublesome to remove and re-make up! In fact, as long as you make some changes in your eye makeup, your work makeup can instantly become a party makeup, which is super convenient! Make down this makeup tip, and it will definitely be used during your holidays!

How to change your work makeup to out-of-office makeup?
Step 1: Take a small amount of shimmering pink eyeshadow and apply it on your upper eyelid, with a wider range, so that it will have a brightening effect. If you don’t like this color, you can also choose eyeshadow in earth tones.

Step 2: Use a black eyeliner to draw an upper lash line and fill in the base of the lashes. Then continue to draw the lower lash line with eyeliner and connect the end of the lower lash line to the upper lash line and extend it a little.

Step 3: Use an eyeshadow brush to smudge the lower lash line a little to create a smoky look, but don’t make it too big, or it will look dirty.

Step 4: Take a small amount of flesh-colored eyeshadow and apply it under the lower eyeliner, that is, the position of the lying silkworm, so that the eyeliner will be more prominent.

How to touch up your foundation?
After you put up a nice out-of-office makeup, then go out partying with friends, but you find that your makeup is not as perfect as it was, cakey concealer, creasing foundation, smudged eyeshadow…all of this will ruin your good mood. So how to touch up your foundation at this time? There are some tips for making up you makeup.

Makeup method for eyebrow
Use a sponge stick to remove the makeup remover, press the foundation with the puff, and then use a waterproof eyebrow pencil to carefully outline at the end of your eyebrows where makeup is easy to take off. Gently apply a layer of brown eyebrow powder, and it is better to smudge the eyebrows slightly, so that it will be more natural, and then apply the setting liquid to all your eyebrows, especially the end of the eyebrows, so that the makeup step is completed.

Makeup method for smudged eyeshadow
Dip a little lotion or setting spray on a cotton swab, moisten it, then wipe the smudged area of eye makeup dry by pressing and rolling, and then apply a little eye cream with a refreshing texture. After the eye cream is completely absorbed, use the sponge dipped in foundation to gently press the area that needs to be touched up, and reapply the eyeshadow.

Makeup method for smudged mascara
If the mascara is smudged around your eyes, use a clean cotton swab (a small amount of lotion can be dipped in) to wipe off the smudged part in a rolling manner, and then use the cotton swab to dip a little liquid foundation to make up.

Makeup method for smudged eyeliner
Dab some eye and lip makeup remover on a cotton swab, then gently roll to remove smudged eyeliner, apply a light moisturizing eye cream if the eye area is dry, then reapply foundation and eyeshadow.

Makeup method for foundation
Before touching up your base makeup, firstly, dissolve the spent makeup with a setting spray and press the area with a tissue. Secondly, use concealer or serum to smooth out the bumps around your pores. Thirdly, wet one end of the sponge in the foundation, apply a proper amount of foundation to touch up the makeup, and then use the other dry end to take a small amount of loose powder and lightly press it on the oil-prone T-zone.

Makeup method for blush
Dip in the coral red blush that is easy to blend with the skin. After dipping it with a large brush, smudge it on your cheek in a large area. The coral red blush can quickly make your complexion better, pink and lovely.

Makeup method for separated lip makeup
The problem of lip makeup falling off is relatively easy to deal with. Use a cotton pad or sponge dipped in makeup remover to wipe the lips clean, then apply lip balm to moisturize the lips, massage to soften them, and then apply the lip stick or lip gloss.

Now you have known the secret of how to create a perfect out-of-office makeup, so do not hesitate and just get on moving!