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There are many conditions that an excellent private label lip gloss needs to have: the lips should be colored easily, not too dry, the lip lines should be hidden, and the makeup should be able to carry…, especially the matte series, which is hazy after application.

The foggy surface and the sense of luxury fill the entire bleak and cold autumn and winter seasons. However, there are also many criticisms of matte lip glaze. Worrying that the mouth is too dry first persuaded a large number of people to quit. In addition, many products that claimed to be “non-fading” and “non-sticking to the cup” were not worthy of their name.

Lip gloss is a kind of cosmetic that is very popular and loved by consumers in lip makeup. Lip glaze is similar to lipstick, both are lip makeup, combining the advantages of lipstick and lip gloss so that the texture is not only smooth but also the color saturation is higher.

After applying the lip glaze, wait for a moment, and a film will be formed on the surface of the lips. At this time, it can not only protect the lips but also not be easy to decolorize.

The color saturation of the lip glaze is very high, so the concealing ability is good. Generally, you can choose to use lip glaze for dark lips. Not only can it modify the lips, but it can also cover the lip lines. After the lip glaze is filmed, it is not easy to decolorize and stain the cup.

How to choose a private label lip gloss?

Many people want to choose a lipstick or lip gloss that has always been suitable for them, but do not know how to choose. In fact, there are many well-known big brands or independent brands on the market that have a lot of lip makeup products in different colors and textures. When choosing, we must first figure out our skin tone and know what color, texture, and extra effect lipstick we need to buy. Instead of blindly looking at what is popular on the Internet.

For example, choose from the texture. Some people’s mouth is easy to dry, so they need a lip glaze with high durability and high moisturizing. Try not to choose matte, because many matte lipsticks with a high moisturizing degree are actually not as easy to use as moisturizing lipsticks. Some people’s skin is not so easy to get oily, so consider matte lipstick.

Take the Floating Light Lip Gloss from Perfect Diary, for example, this private label lip gloss is recommended by many people on the internet. It’s matte, and the color is creamy, but my lip color itself is a little red, and the lips are thin, and the color is just not blood red, and the lips look thicker, especially brighten the skin tone, very good-looking, too Suitable for autumn and winter.

My lips are relatively small and thin. According to the video of the beauty blogger, it is suitable to use nude lip glaze to enlarge and plump the lips.

Also, for its package, the tin is easy to carry. It is small and does not take up any space when carrying a small bag. It is small and not afraid of expiration. The color saturation is very good, the color is not easy to fade, and the matte texture is super good. The texture is very good, spreads out very well when applied, and quickly adheres to the lips after application.

For example, the popular color number v105 is really amazing. It is the kind of peach red with a little golden sparkle, which is a little more gentle! The paste is soft and smooth, not greasy or greasy, and the durability is much better than usual. I’ve used a similar carrot color before, but it’s really not as good as this one, it’s really beautiful.

Perfect Diary provides lip gloss with a weightless stain-like color base. Moisturizing and not greasy, the thick coating is very aura, not as sticky as lipstick, smells good, and lasts better than lipstick, which is why I always choose lip glaze. I believe you are also willing to buy a makeup product that suits you!