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How to put on concealer with a brush? Concealing the blemishes on your face is important to present perfect makeup. However, many beginners do not know how to apply concealer with a brush. Today, we will guide you to have a full understanding of concealing.

Let’s start by introducing the tools we use when applying concealer. There are different types of concealers including liquid concealer and cream concealer. The liquid concealer is used for the general face and the large area. While the cream and stick concealers are applied to specific areas like the corner of the mouth and nasolabial fold.

The most important step before applying the liquid to your face is to choose the right shade of concealer. We all have different skin colors. Choosing the concealer with the wrong shade cannot present a good makeup foundation but a terrible one. If your skin color tends to be red, the light-green shade concealer may be the best option.

If your skin color is light but yellowish, like me, the light purple shade is a perfect choice. Because purple can mix with yellow to make your skin look light and white. If you are not clear about what sort of color is suitable for your skin, you can go to the store and try cosmetic samples to find out the best shade. Besides, you should also consider whether your skin tends to be dry or oily.

After choosing the right concealer, you can start learning how to apply it. Before applying the concealer, apply some moisture to your face to form a layer of protection and keep your face moisture. Then, you can use a beauty blender or a powder brush to apply the concealer.

Pay attention to the area that is dark like the dark eye circles. You can start with the dark area and move to the lighter area so that the skin color can look more natural. Patting the concealer gently instead of wiping the liquid concealer with the beauty blender. Repeat the same step on other big areas.

Use the cream concealer to conceal smallpox and other blemishes on your face. Still, use the beauty blender to pat them out. Make sure that the spots and acne are covered by concealer. Then, you can use a powder brush to set the foundation makeup and make the transitional line natural.

When the concealing part is done, you can apply the foundation, the blush, draw the eyebrow, and wear the lipstick. Daily light makeup is finished. You can wear makeup going to work or school. Such makeup will not cost you much time on the busy Monday morning. After practicing several times, you can master the skills of application. Now I believe you know how to put on concealer with a brush.

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