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Can you use eyeliner for eyebrows? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from makeup chicks. Eyeliners and eyebrow pens look and feel similar. They are both pens and are used for drawing on your face. They even share the same colors and resemble in appearance sometimes. So it seems so reasonable to ask such a question.

The answer is pretty simple. I will give you a big YES. Not only can you use eyeliner for eyebrows, but you can also do vice versa. In the makeup world, there is no limit. You can be creative as much as possible.

How can you differentiate between eyeliner and eyebrow pencils without marks?

When an eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil are both presented in front of your eyes if both are without marks, how can you differentiate one from another? Just by checking the appearance, it’s almost impossible to figure out which one is eyeliner and which one is an eyebrow pencil. However, if we draw a line on our hand with both pencils, we can get the answer by observing the drawing. Usually, eyeliner generates softer and lighter lines while eyebrow pencil does the opposite. 

It simply means, if you use less force to draw with an eyebrow pencil, you probably will also get a soft and light line. It justifies that eyeliner and eyebrow pencils can produce similar results. So can you use eyeliner for eyebrows? Definitely yes! And I can ensure you that there will be no trace of using one to replace the other. Natural makeup can be made in this way too!

Why would your use eyeliner for eyebrows?

Your next question may be why you would use eyeliner for eyebrows. For convenience or emergencies. Sometimes when you go out, you wish to bring as little stuff as possible. So reducing your cosmetic products in bags is a great idea. At this moment, you can consider bringing one eyeliner to add up on both eyes and eyebrows. 

You may also suffer from a situation where you just use up your eyebrow pencil at the halfway of eyebrow lines or your eyebrow pencil drops on the ground and is broken. Your half-done eyebrow makes you look horrible. There comes the savior eyeliner! Using the same pencil for both eyes and eyebrows enables you to own consistent makeup in shades and hues. 

What should you pay special attention to when you use eyeliner for eyebrows?

Because the eyeliner makes thinner and less obvious marks lines which will not be sufficient for eyebrows. So if you have to use eyeliner for eyebrows, make sure you put enough strength in the makeup process. 

Another critical difference between eyeliner and eyebrow pencils lies in the texture of the pencil. The lines drawn with eyebrow pencils are easy to be brushed and blurred while the lines drawn with eyeliners are supposed to be accurate and closely attached to the edges of the eyes. Therefore, if you apply eyeliners to your eyebrows, you have to prepare a harder and stronger brush to deal with your brows. In this way, natural eyebrow makeup can be presented appropriately. 

How can you apply eyeliners to eyebrows?

If your entire eyebrow makeup has to be done with eyeliner, starting from scratch, you need to follow the three steps. 

Step 1 

Shape your eyebrows with eyeliner. Assuming you have trimmed your brows and plucked some unwanted hair off, you get started with a drawing session. To shape your brows, eyeliner works better because of its accuracy and sharpness. You need to start from the inner side of your brows and make a clear curve to the end of your brows, on the up and downside. Be careful with the peaks of your brow. The peak should not be too high. 

Step 2

Fill in your eyebrows with your eyeliner. This step can be hard to be done with eyeliner. But with more patience and small movements, it can be done perfectly. You can use a brush that is a little harder than your daily eyebrow brush since the eyeliner lines can be stickier. After you put some random lines in the range of the shape you make in the last step, you have to brush from the inner side out, making a gradient effect toward your eyebrow tail. 

Step 3

Add some details to your brows. This is an extra step for a delicate look. You can use the eyeliner to draw some hair at the inner end of your brows, resulting in a natural makeup look. But this step requires some hardcore technique. Makeup beginners are not suggested to do this step. In a word, the more effort your put in, the better look you are going to get. 

Can you use eyeliner for eyebrows? No double! You can do it as much as you like for convenience, and you don’t need to sacrifice your makeup look at all. Try it and you will never be able to forget it!