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Why does my foundation look orange is a problem that many girls encounter, which gives our complexion an unhealthy glow. So why does this problem occur and is there any way to save our orange foundation?

There are two main reasons why does my foundation look orange: oxidation of the foundation and choosing a shade that doesn’t match our skin tone.

Oxidation of foundation
After the foundation is taken out of the bottle and applied on our face, it will come into contact with the air and then oxidation will take place, and then our foundation will become dull. The more time passes, the more obvious the dullness will be, so you will find that the effect of a freshly applied foundation is very different from that of half a day later.

For the problem of foundation oxidation, we can solve it with the following three solutions.
1. Use a primer before makeup. You can use some makeup primer before makeup to moisturize and let it repair the skin so that the foundation will be more flattering. If you have dry skin and do not use a primer, the foundation will soon be dull and orange, and the makeup will not be delicate enough.

2. Make good use of loose powder and pressed powder. We can use loose powder when setting the makeup, but its durability is limited, usually 2-3 hours the makeup setting effect will become worse. So, it is better to carry a Silky Featherweight Pressed Powder from Perfect Diary with you to do setting makeup at any time, which can avoid dull makeup.

3. Choose a foundation that is not easily oxidized. Finally, when we choose a foundation, we can pick something that is less prone to oxidation, such as Perfect Diary’s High Coverage Liquid Foundation, which can effectively keep your makeup on all day and prevent your foundation from turning orange.

The foundation color does not match your skin tone
When we investigate the reasons why does my foundation look orange, it is likely that we have purchased a foundation that is too yellow in color. This has a relatively large color difference with our skin itself.

Everyone needs to buy the right foundation for themselves. The most important thing about a proper foundation is that the color is similar to your skin tone so that the foundation comes out naturally and looks good.

Before buying a foundation, it is important to know what shade your skin belongs to. This can be determined by looking at the color of the blood vessels on the inside of your arm. If the color of the blood vessels is blue or purple, you can basically tell that your skin is a cool tone. And if the blood vessels are cyan or green in color, it means your skin is warm. If the blood vessel color belongs to blue-green, then it is neutral skin.

If you can’t observe your skin tone directly, you can also compare it by using silver jewelry as well as gold jewelry under the sun. For cool skin, you should usually choose a foundation with a pink tone, while warm skin usually chooses a foundation with a yellow tone, and for neutral skin, both can be used.

What else can I do with a foundation that is orange in color?
If we have already purchased a foundation that is too dark, we can also put it to good use. We can use it with another bottle of normal shade foundation and apply the darker foundation on the position where we usually need to apply the shade, so that the effect is three-dimensional and natural.

Also, if you have a bottle of lighter foundation, you can mix these two bottles to get a better result.

Final words
After understanding the reason why does my foundation look orange, we can better seek solutions. So, it is important to emphasize that choosing the right color foundation is very important and the foundation is very vital for the whole look. We’d better not choose a color that is too yellow than our skin or too lighter, otherwise perhaps the question of why my foundation is too fair will arise here.