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Many people overlook the importance of blush and highlighter palette in their makeup, thinking that they are just the finishing touches to a perfect look. But this is not the case. For creating a layered and natural look, they are the key to the makeup.

Liquid blush is not recommended for zero-based enthusiasts who are just starting to learn makeup because it is not very controllable, and we recommend you to use powder blush more. If your blush makes you look like you’ve hit two balls of peaches on your face, there are two reasons:

One, your technique is not correct and you have not mastered the blush technique or second, you didn’t choose the right blush.

So, what kind of blush products should we choose?

Tips to apply the blush

1. Positioning

The center of the blush will be different for different face shapes, and a reasonable positioning is the first step to draw a good blush. Use a makeup pencil to connect the peak of the eyebrows, the top of the eyes vertically downward, and the focal point of the cheekbones is the center of the blush, and you can this point as the most colorful position. In addition, there is an easy way: when you smile, take the highest point of your cheeks as the center of your blush and apply it in the area from the front of your ears to your temples.

2. Apply blush

After dipping the blush brush into the blush, gently dust off some of the color powder to avoid over-coloring and unnatural makeup. The blush can be applied in a circular or horizontal manner. If you have a long face, you can draw a rounded blush range with the circle type; if you have a small round face, it is suitable to use the horizontal type to brush out the oblique blush to reconcile the non-standard face shape. Then press the blush gently with a powder puff to make the color fit the skin completely and the rosy good looks will come out naturally.

3. Shrink the shape of your face

In order to make the cheeks look clearer, the parts that are too wide should be corrected with a dark blush. If the jaw angle is wider than or flush with the cheekbones on both sides, it needs to be covered up with a slightly darker blush, a dark brownish-red color that is more in line with the skin tone requirements of oriental people. Brush a dark blush along the front of the ear to the angle of the jaw, with a darker top and a lighter bottom, and rub it out well. Pay attention to the articulation of the dark blush and the surrounding colors, and blend them evenly to be considered in place.

It is worth reminding you that since everyone’s face shape is different, someone has an egg-shaped face, someone may have a round face, and someone may have a square and long face. So, when you are painting blush, you must pay attention to the shape of your face and do not paint it particularly uncoordinated because of the wrong choice of face shape.

Blush and highlighter palette are really matter in your makeup, so, after finishing blush, how do we continue to apply highlighter?

How to put on highlighter: according to face shape

The application of highlighting should actually be different for everyone, and the first thing is that it depends on the shape of the face.

Long face: the biggest feature of long face is that the vertical visual sense is too strong, especially the part of the atrium. So, the highlighting part can focus on the place of apple muscle, be careful not to apply vertically, horizontal will be better.

Round face: round face lines are more rounded, the whole face will lack some sense of line. So, sweep highlights can be applied obliquely from the cheekbone place highlights, and eyebrow bone, chin these places can be applied to some.

Square face: square face is too angular, as much as possible to modify the face shape softer. Square face girls are not too full in the middle of the face, so the highlights should be concentrated on the triangle area below the eyes and here in the decree line.

Diamond shaped face: diamond shaped face should not emphasize the cheekbone part. Instead, apply it to the temples, forehead, chin, and decrescent lines, which are more sunken areas, so that the face will look full.

Now we believe you have a more detailed understanding about blush and highlighter palette, choose one you like and try it out!