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How to make lip gloss last longer? You may feel a headache as the lipstick always go smudges after a sip of coffee. How can you avoid this? First, you should know that the type of lipstick matters. Generally, matte lipsticks can stick to the lips for a relatively long time, but the texture of these kinds of lipsticks is generally dry, so it is necessary to do a good job of moisturizing the lips.

Similarly, if you want lipsticks to last longer, you have to stay away from those shimmery bright colors. These lipsticks have poor longevity, and creamy lipsticks are relatively better. But how do make them last longer? Right now we are going to tell you some tricks on how to make your makeup last longer, hope you will find it useful!

How to make lip gloss last longer in different ways?
If you prefer matte lipstick, you wish it can last longer on your lips. But matte lipstick is relatively dryer, what should you do? First of all, picking an easy-to-use, long-lasting lipstick that’s perfect for makeup is a must. You can see the Floating Light Lip Gloss Heartbeat Collection from Perfect Diary, it is easy to create the perfect makeup look anytime, anywhere.

What’s more attractive is this matte lip gloss is moisturizing and you will not feel dry at all. No need to worry about easy smudging. The easy-to-match colors are just as important, creating the ideal non-bleaching lip look for every girl at any time while giving lips a smooth, bright natural color.

Besides buying lipstick like the above, the other thing you should be aware of is the application of lipstick also matters if you want it to last longer. Before you apply your matte lipstick, apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream to your lips, then use your lip balm to re-apply to your mouth, and sip on a tissue to absorb the lip balm oil. Finish with your matte lipstick.

The lip liner is very useful in such a situation. To achieve the ideal lipstick smearing effect, you must first use a lip liner to outline the lip shape, which can prevent us from sticking the lipstick out of the lips, but when using a lip liner, choose a lip liner that is close to the lip color. When drawing, start from the corner of the mouth, draw a full lip line to the lip peak, and apply lipstick within the confines of a waterproof lip liner to effectively prevent lipstick from spilling.

Use it to smudge along the inner side of the lip line, and the texture of the toot will not overflow, which can make the lip makeup last longer. and straighten the corner of the mouth. And when melting, you should pay attention to the lightness of the pen, as long as you find the outline of the lips and shape the lips.

After that, spread lipstick evenly with your fingers or brushes, and use the “dot” technique to blur the color, which can lighten the lip lines and maintain the lip makeup effect.

In terms of setting makeup, you also need to work harder to ensure the lipstick’s longevity. For example, the popular lipstick raincoat on the market is to apply a transparent lipstick on the basis of the original lip color, which is waterproof, does not fade, and does not stick to the cup. After the lipstick raincoat is applied, a film can be formed on the surface of the lips to lock the color, so that there will be no cupping and color fading. After a whole day, the color of the lipstick is still the same as after the application, but the moisturizing degree will decrease.

How to make lip gloss last longer? Only priming or setting powder when making up is not enough, if you want to keep a good habit of lip maintenance, you should wear a lip balm or lip mask from time to time. After the lips are cleansed, use a warm cotton towel to rub the lips in circular motions until a slight tingling is felt to promote blood circulation in the lips. Or wet your lips before going to bed at night, rub them with sand and brown sugar, then wash off the coated lip balm, and wrap some plastic wrap, it will be a lot moisturizing!