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What is sheer coverage foundation? The answer is obvious and everyone who uses foundation knows it. It is light makeup that you put on your face to cover some flaws. It allows your skin to breathe while it makes your skin look even and natural. Heavy makeup lovers are never fans of sheer coverage foundation. Regarding this special makeup product, we will bring some information and share some useful tips.

How many types of coverage foundations are there

Usually, we divide coverage foundations into different types based on the coverage level. When we ask the question of what is sheer coverage foundation, we actually want to know why we need to choose it. Sheer coverage foundation is the lightest and thinnest on your skin. It provides a relatively lower level of covering function and is favored by those people who own fewer spots or dots on their faces. The biggest advantage is that it gives you a pure and natural look.

Average skin owners can choose foundations with medium coverage. It deals with most of your skin flaws like redness and freckles as long as these problems are not so severe. Medium coverage foundations always contain a certain proportion of pigments that can fill in your pores and make your skin look born-even.

The most popular type is full coverage foundations for it works well in covering almost all the problems on your face. The proportion of pigment in full-coverage foundations can go up to fifty percent which ensures blemishes, dark circles or any other bad things on your face can all get covered. For high coverage, you can trust Supreme Nude Natural Flawless Hydrating Liquid Foundation from PerfectDiary. With this guy, your concealer can be saved for sure.

What type of coverage foundation is the best for you

When you have decided which coverage foundation to choose, you have to consider from two perspectives. One is your skin type and the other is your skin conditions related to imperfections.

For oily skin owners, you have to choose a coverage foundation that contains no oil and serves to moisturize your skin while covering your dark spots. Try to maintain the balance between the oil and the moisture and this will result in a longer-lasting look and present the most natural feeling you will ever want on your face.

For dry skin owners, the moisture in the foundation becomes the priority. If a foundation is put on a dry face without any moisture, you will see it can hardly blend in and pigments will remain on the surface of your face rather than stay in your pores which makes a floated makeup on your face. That is the biggest disaster you can imagine.

What’s bad about sheer coverage foundation?

All sheer cosmetic products share the same bad point that they are light and thus provide less coverage for your skin. What is sheer coverage foundation offering us? It’s beyond our expectations but its bad side is obviously as well. Coverage foundations are supposed to hide and cover bad things on your face. But sheer coverage foundations can only help even out your complexion. In terms of covering blemishes, it works with low efficiency.

How can you apply sheer coverage foundations?

First of all, moisturizing goes first whenever you want to wear makeup. A mask session is not a must but it is indeed an add-up. Your skin glows right after a mask and that is the best moment when you can put your primer on. A good primer will save you a lot of trouble for the next step, applying the foundation.

Next, brush the foundation onto your face and use a pad to lay it out from the center of your cheeks to the side little by little. Sheer coverage foundation is usually thin, so it barely covers obvious blemishes on your face. It’s better to jump off the bridges of your nose or the corners of your nostrils so that the pigments will not stick to your dry patches.                                    

Last but not the least, take out your big brush and put on loose powder to lock your look made with your foundation. Be careful with the amount you dip from the powder box because too much powder destroys the second-skin look you desire.

Now when we look back at our original question. What is sheer coverage foundation? The answer given is more than what you ask about. After going through all the questions, I hope you have had a picture in mind about how to pick a sheer coverage foundation and how to use it.   

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