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What is concealer brush? As a new learner of cosmetics, you may ask many questions like what is eyeliner, what is a lightening touch, and what is eyelash glue. You must hear a lot of the word “concealer brush” when girls are talking about makeup. Today, we will dispel your confusion and give you a full introduction to the product.

What is concealer brush?

Whether you are experienced in putting on makeup or a beginner, the concealer brush is critical for flawless base makeup. Except for babies and a small group of people, we ordinary people more or less have some skin issues like pimples, freckles, dark eye circles, etc. These small flaws may influence the whole appearance.

Therefore, we need a concealer to conceal these blemishes. There is a variety of concealing products such as concealer brushes, concealing sticks, liquid concealers, etc. The brush is a critical tool used with concealing sticks or liquid concealers. It looks like the painting brush but it is longer and thinner.

Its main function is to precisely control the concealed area and location where the effect of using fingers to conceal is not that good. Therefore, using the brush can make the base makeup more delicate and good-looking.

Tips on using the concealer brush

1. Before using the concealer, you need to get your face prepared. Clean and prime your face. The base is essential for the later lightening, eyeshadow makeup, and other steps. Get your face ready by using emulsion and other products for the makeup base.

2 .As a makeup novice, you may not know that concealers also have different colors. You need to choose the right color according to your skin color. If your skin color is a bit red, green concealer will be better. Or if your skin color is a little yellow, the purple one will be good to make your skin look fair and shiny. Therefore, choosing the right color concealer is very important.

After deciding which color is suitable for you, you can apply it to your face with the air cushion for the large area and blend it with the concealer brush for the details. To make the makeup natural, the color of the concealer should as close as the base color. The under-eye area and nasolabial area need to be paid special attention.

3. When the base makeup is done, you can use a setting spray to spread a thin layer to your face so that you can better wear eyeshadow and other makeup. These are the steps of how and when to use the concealer brush.

Compared to fingers, the brush can conceal the imperfections more precisely and cleaner. Because our hands are one of the dirtiest parts of our body, avoid using our hands to touch the face. Of course, just as with other makeup tools, the concealer brush also needs cleaning. Do not forget to clean the tool from time to time. Otherwise, it will also hurt your skin.

Then, how to clean the brush? Here are some tips. First, use the lukewarm water to wet the brush and the gentle soup to wash it. The normal soup will turn the bristles drier and harder. Of course, there are particular cleansers for cleaning the brush. Searching in the online shops, you will find many options.

Then, pour one drop of the cleanser into your palms, rubbing your hands until there are bubbles. Gently clean the tip of the concealer brush with the cleanser bubbles. Put it under the running water to rinse the cleanser.

Then, use a towel to absorb the extra moisture. Hang up the brush with the bristles facing down and let it dry naturally. Do not put it on the towel or it may turn moldy. You should clean the tool at least once two weeks or it will accumulate bacteria.


This is the answer to “what is concealer brush.” We also guide how to use and clean it. Perfect makeup needs quality tools. Good tools need careful maintenance. Learning how to care for cosmetics is also what we should learn, which can save money and time. For more details on caring for makeup tools, follow the update of our official website.