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Looking for a long lasting lip stick? For men, moisturizing lips is definitely a fatal temptation, but many women report that moisturizing lipstick is too easy to take off makeup, how can you not eat and drink when you go out with your boyfriend, but the color fades when you eat, and it becomes sticky when you drink water Makeup, it’s really crashing.

Different skin colors, lip color, hair color, and makeup combinations all affect the choice of lipstick. Makeup is about a sense of overall atmosphere. As a senior lipstick control, you must be responsible for everyone, and rationally recommend several beautiful and easy-to-use lipsticks from the perspective of rational collocation.

Ultimate Color Lipstick from the Perfect Diary is my favorite lipstick now! The diamond-shaped paste-cut surface can easily outline the delicate lip shape. The color of 104 Liqueur Chocolate can be gentle and playful; the thick coating is reddish-brown, showing white and super temperament, no matter what style it is. Can be easily driven. The thick coating is full of aura, and the texture is also very special among the lipsticks I have used. It is between moisturizing and matte, velvety but very smooth, and it is very comfortable on the mouth.

In addition to the overall skin color of the face that affects the choice of lipstick color, the depth of the lip color is also an important factor affecting the choice of lipstick. Generally speaking, when using lipsticks on a daily basis, girls with dark lips should pay special attention to tender pinks, thin lip glazes, and lipsticks that are particularly inconsistent with the original lip color.

When choosing lipstick, a girl with dark lips should try to choose a series that matches her lip color. If it is a girl with a darker red lip color, it is not suitable to use orange lipstick.

Have you tried the best long lasting lip stick?
The matte texture is the most common type of lipstick. Matte texture lipstick has low surface reflectivity and does not look shiny. Matte texture lipstick, the advantage is that the matte lipstick has high color rendering, full color, good durability, not easy to dip in the cup and discolor.

The disadvantage is “dry” because it is not moisturizing enough, it is easy to show lip lines, and it is not suitable for lips. The care and maintenance requirements are relatively high. If you usually do not pay attention to maintaining your lips, and often buckle the skin of your mouth, you should say no to such lipstick.

Matte lipsticks are divided into two categories: solid matte lipsticks and liquid matte lip glosses. Matte lipstick requires a primer on the lips before applying makeup. It is more suitable for retro colors, and it has a noble temperament on the lips! In recent years, liquid matte lip glaze is also very popular. It is a relatively thick liquid, but it will quickly form a film and dry after rubbing it on the mouth for a few seconds, so it is more suitable for the public to use, and it can also create a matte high-grade fog-free face!

Try this long lasting lip stick from Perfect Diary, Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick. The small fine heel lipstick mainly has a matte texture. It is silky and supple on the lips. Although it is a matte texture, it does not dry out. The color rendering is high, the durability is good, and the color is very high-end and elegant. of! Some people may feel some lip lines when they put them on their lips, so remember to make a primer on the lips before applying lipstick.

L02 is a very, very attractive bean paste color, a sweet peach bean paste color, not picky at all, whoever wears it looks good, I personally suggest that you apply it on a date with your boyfriend. L03 is a very positive maple leaf red, rich maple leaf red with a little reddish-brown tone, it is absolutely perfect with a coat and sweater, it is very suitable for the autumn and winter seasons that are coming soon!

Every girl has at least 5 or 10 lipsticks. In fact, the difference in color numbers is not big, but why are so many girls keen to repeat purchases in similar color numbers? The answer is lipstick texture! The lipsticks recommended above are outstanding in both appearance and texture, and they are also very well-colored on the lips and have a relatively high degree of moisture, so you don’t have to worry about taking off your makeup.