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Are you thinking about “what foundation should I use”? Do you often encounter the following problems in the daily makeup process? Improper choice of the type of liquid foundation, resulting in too thick or too trace-less makeup.

According to the official color number, compared with my own skin color, the selected liquid foundation color number is always not satisfactory. With the same liquid foundation, the makeup of myself and the fashion blogger is very different.

We all know that for makeup, the shaping of the base makeup becomes particularly critical. The base makeup accounts for 50% of the makeup, so we should focus our time on the base makeup when applying makeup. Then learn how to choose a foundation today!

Step 1: Know Your Skin Tone

Before answering the question of “what foundation should I use”? we should know the best color of liquid foundation is the color that fully blends with the skin tone of the face as if it “disappears” on the face. Colors that are too dark or too light, after being spread on a large area of the face, will easily cause a thick makeup, and the situation that the liquid foundation is applied to the face will happen.

Choosing a foundation color that is close to the skin tone seems to be the most difficult task, especially now that people choose foundation products through online shopping, and errors are more likely to occur when referring to color numbers. This requires us to fully understand our skin color. Foundation shades are usually divided into three categories: cool, warm, and natural. We can judge our own skin tone in three ways.

“Cool tone” is characterized by: an obvious red tone of skin tone, subtle red blood on the face; suitable for wearing silver jewelry; blue or purple blood vessels on the wrist. “Warm tone” is manifested as the skin is slightly pink, and the complexion is light yellow under natural light; it is suitable for wearing gold jewelry; the blood vessels on the wrist appear light green or olive.

The “natural tone” is manifested in: the skin tone has no obvious color cast, and it appears green under natural light; there is no gold and silver jewelry cast color, both of which are suitable; the wrist blood vessels appear blue-green.

It should be noted that if you have a fair complexion, you must have “cool tone” skin, and a wheat complexion must belong to a “warm tone” skin. Skin tone is not necessarily absolute. After clarifying the skin tone, and then confirming the shade of the liquid foundation, it is much easier to choose the color number of the liquid foundation.

After choosing a suitable color number, try it on a large area of the face as much as possible, and observe the performance of the liquid foundation under natural light. Check again whether the color number of the liquid foundation sticks to the skin. In fact, a super-perfect liquid foundation does not exist. Everyone has different requirements for base makeup, and even seasonal changes will affect our needs for base makeup products.

Step2: clarify the skin type and choose the type of liquid foundation

To further answer the question of “what foundation should I use”, we should know our skin type. Different skin types require different types of foundation. If there are differences in the skin quality between the T zone and the U zone of the face, you can try to use foundation products with different moisturizing degrees, one dry type, and one moisturizing type, or use corresponding functional pre-makeup products to adjust the skin quality.

For example, Perfect Diary’s High Coverage Liquid Foundation is a creamy liquid foundation. It is very delicate and silky, and the powder is fine and light, with almost zero powder feeling, suitable for normal and dry skin types! You can continue to layer makeup on areas that need to focus on concealer. After stacking several layers, the overall makeup effect is still super clear! No need to use concealer alone to cover acne marks anymore.

If it is a place with large pores or many blemishes on the face, you can add a layer of liquid foundation. The skin has a silky luster as if it has been polished! It also has a certain soft-focus modification effect on pores! There is a feeling that the whole face is glowing, and the skin is naturally good, which is very suitable for creating pseudo-plain makeup!