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A fit me shade guide is necessary for many beginners who have just learned makeup. When we are talking about adding shades to our makeup, it means that we are entering another phase of our makeup. Makeup is like creating a painting, when all the other elements are present, we need to use shade to add dimension and layers to the painting, and at the same time the painting will be more advanced.

Shades come in different color shades, and in shades of yellowish, reddish and neutral tones. Color selection is actually the most complicated thing, it has a lot to do with your skin color shade, undertone, and ambient light, clothing, and makeup color. For beginners with relatively neutral shades not yellowish nor reddish shade color will be more secure. And some pearl color shade itself with some sense of expansion, more suitable for some special stage makeup effect.

Fit me shade guide: how to choose shades for different face shapes?

1. Square face

Square face gives people the feeling of a diamond, less feminine, so when it comes to retouching, the main focus is on the roundness of the retouching.
Shading part: hairline, cheekbone (oblique).
Highlighting part: T-zone, chin.

2. Round face

Round face shape, give people the feeling of too round and short, when grooming, pay attention to the face shape grooming some square, with a little diamond angle, grooming to small, long visual feeling is the main.
Shading part: hairline connected to the cheekbone (rounded arc), both sides of the bridge of the nose.
Highlighting part: T-zone, chin.

3. Inverted triangle face

Inverted triangle face shape, the main feeling is that the lower face is big, the upper face is small, so pay attention to trim the lower half of the face when retouching.
Shading part: upper side hairline, side of the ear to the top of the cheekbone, both sides of the nose bridge.
Highlighting part: T-zone, under the eyes.

How to apply a fit me shade guide?

● Dip a loose powder brush into the right amount of shadow powder and draw the first shade on your face along the direction from your ears to the corners of your mouth. In the area near the ears, we can repeat the deepening of the shadows.

● In the direction of the temples to the forehead, draw the second shade, in the sweep of the shadow painting, remember to try to tighten the hairline position for tracing.

● Continue to dip the shading powder and draw the third shade on the face. The main direction of the shade is along the jawbone position below the ears on both sides, and the closer to the chin, the lighter the shade should be.
Continue to dip the shading powder and sweep the position of the nose on the face.

● Finally, use your hand or sponge to push the shadows away naturally, so that the whole face looks more three-dimensional, more sophisticated.

Tips to draw a perfect shade

● The range of trimming should not be too much to avoid the problem of dirty makeup.

Trim is the use of shadows and highlights to shape the face of light and dark, so that the face line in the visual three-dimensional, so as to achieve the effect of a thin face, including the shadow, highlight and nasal shadow, then we are using trim to create a smooth contour of the line, the range of trim should not be too much, too large, to avoid the problem of dirty makeup.

On the basis of the original face shape and, using the principle of make-up that enhances the length and avoids the shortcomings, we can achieve the effect of five three-dimensional and exquisite features. First of all, our face makeup should be around the sideburns, jaw line, both sides of the nose and other parts of the face, visually making the contours of the five features three-dimensional, and the face lines are correspondingly smooth and natural.

● Choose shades as close to your skin tone as possible, without creating a sense of disharmony

We use the shade with the corresponding technique, but also need to choose the right color to apply the shade, then, the color of the grooming should be as close as possible to their skin tone, to avoid the grooming and skin tone is too different from the sense of incongruity. Then, it is recommended to choose brown, dark brown and other colors, not recommended to choose red, to avoid a sense of disharmony.


The right shade makes your face smaller, more precise and has a very magical path. If you want to follow further on the path of makeup, it is very necessary to learn the skills of grooming.