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Are you looking for the best stay on foundation for oily skin? Liquid foundation is an inseparable cosmetic for all girls who love makeup. Choosing a liquid foundation that is online in terms of coverage, fit, and durability can brighten skin tone and improve appearance. However, it is not easy to choose what our skin needs.

A liquid foundation that is really suitable for oily skin should meet the following requirements: First, it can hold makeup, and the base makeup will remain intact and not mottled after the oily skin comes out, so it is not easy to cause oxidative discoloration of the base makeup.

Secondly, oily skin is often accompanied by enlarged pores and rough skin. Liquid foundation with fine powder is not easy to cause the problem of powder sticking and rough makeup.

On this basis, we can choose the concealer of the liquid foundation according to the characteristics of the skin. The following three liquid foundations are very suitable for oily skin to try. With them, oily skin can also have perfect base makeup in summer.

How to select your best stay on foundation?

For oily skin, it is very important to have a refreshing and non-sticky base makeup. This refreshing feeling should not only be reflected when the makeup is first applied, but also be able to stand the test of time.

Nourishing Essence Foundation has a good gloss and makes the skin feel translucent. The texture is light and moist, and it will not be sticky when you push it on. It can also cover up ordinary small blemishes, and it will make the skin look good. It can also fill the pores well and create natural and advanced nude makeup. noodle. Through the unique technical formula, it can control oil without making the skin feel tight and can help the skin moisturize.

Many skin-nourishing ingredients are added to it, which can make your makeup more delicate and healthier, especially suitable for dry skin. The makeup it creates is a natural creamy skin, which can make the complexion more translucent, just like natural good skin.

High Coverage Liquid Foundation is also the main liquid foundation of Perfect Diary. You can say it is the best stay on foundation of the product line. The oil control and concealer effects of this liquid foundation are unquestionable, and the makeup effect is clean and advanced as if it comes with a soft-focus filter.

The makeup staying power is also very high, and it is the kind that is more oily and more beautiful. After a little oily, it can be better integrated with the skin, and it is not easy to oxidize and change color after oily and can maintain a relatively complete makeup.

As a long-lasting, high-coverage liquid foundation, its powder is very fine and spreads well. However, when the makeup is first applied, the makeup will feel a little heavy, but it will be much more natural after the skin is slightly oily.

Just pay attention to the way of applying makeup. It needs to be spread over a small amount of area. Do not apply the whole face at one time. The speed of spreading must be fast or it will be difficult to push it away.

As we know, it is quite difficult to have a clear and natural makeup feel and long-lasting, but it is not impossible without a liquid foundation. Especially for girls whose base makeup tends to be dull, this Supreme Nude Natural Flawless Hydrating Liquid Foundation is very suitable for you.

Since its inception, the long-lasting liquid foundation has been a hot-selling item in spring and summer every year. Compared with similar liquid foundations, its lightness is one of the highlights. Effectively maintain a clean and transparent base makeup and do a good job of setting makeup without giving the base makeup a chance of dullness. It can last up to 16 hours, and the specific situation depends on the skin type and environment.

When applied, it is very light and will not burden the skin. Compared with the liquid foundation above, although the coverage is not particularly high, it can be maintained above the medium level, and some small blemishes and redness can also be covered.

No matter which liquid foundation you choose, you must pay attention to the partition and quickly pat it evenly. In addition, pay attention to applying a small amount of liquid foundation multiple times to avoid mottled base makeup.