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This summer make yourself super charming with glitter lip gloss set! Lips are the sexiest part of women. After applying lipstick or lip gloss on the lips, it your lips will look more attractive. As a relatively common cosmetic product, the use of lip gloss is different from lipstick. Only knowing the appropriate way to use lip gloss, can we have beautiful lips.

Lip gloss is an essential makeup element for chic girls in 1990s. The Spice Girls, a pop culture icon and girl group in the 1990s, is the leader of Y2K style. Some members of Spice Girls wore black bobs, some wore leopard print clothes, tongue studs, platform shoes, low waist pants, of course, shiny lip gloss was indispensable to them. Victoria Beckham, one of the members of the group, was featured by her “glittering lips”.

After the texture of lipstick has undergone several changes in lip cream, lip balm, lip dew, and lip powder, we still have to admit the fact that lip gloss in the 2020s was a shining world. This resurgence of 1990s style may represent our desire for freedom stronger than ever.

The glitter lip gloss set has several colors for you to choose, including Pink Memory, Maple Red, Berry Purple and Bright Orange, which can help you create different styles of makeup. Pink Memory is not a Barbie pink that is difficult for ordinary people to wear. This kind of pink and nude makeup has the feeling of first love. Girls who wear this lip gloss will look cute and unassuming, lively and youthful. With a thick eyeliner eye makeup, thick eyelashes, you with look sweet and charming!

Which color is more suitable for you?
Maple Red in the glitter lip gloss set is most suitable for yellow-skinned girls. The golden maple leaf can brighten your skin tone, and this red will not look particularly mature, but it will give people a sense of vitality, which is very suitable for dating. The makeup style with Maple Red should be lively, leaving a sweet and pleasant image, so the makeup should be fresh and natural, of course, the hairstyle should also be paid attention to, a cute curly hair will be particularly attractive!

Adding purple elements to makeup is a quick shortcut to cool girl style. Wear a berry purple lip gloss and you’re the most rebellious girl in the crowed. The moist texture of lip gloss is perfect in winter. Compared with lipstick, the step of foundation can be omitted when using glitter lip gloss set. The biggest feature of Berry Purple is that it is not dry at all, and it can brighten your skin, so girls with yellow complexion can also wear. Thin application of this lip gloss will be more reddish, thicker application will be more purple.

People with fair skin and yellowish skin are very suitable for Bright Orange. Orange color lip gloss will give people a sense of vitality, for fair-skinned girls, using orange lip gloss will make the overall makeup look healthier and enhance the overall makeup texture. With Bright Orange, you can look good even without makeup. Wear bright Bright Orange on a sunny summer day and you’re the brightest girl in the crowd.

How to use glitter lip gloss set?
The smearing of lip gloss, under normal circumstances, is to pay attention to smear evenly and docilely, with clear outline and pure color. The steps of smearing are also very simple. First, choose a foundation that is similar to your skin tone and make a primer for the lips, so that the lip gloss can be more colored and restore the color of the lip gloss itself.

In addition, people with darker lip color must pay attention to use foundation or concealer before wearing lip gloss. When applying lip gloss, it is generally recommended to start from the lower lip, dip a lip brush into the center of the lip, and then smear evenly.

Remember not to use too much lip gloss. After smearing, in order to prevent the teeth from being stained, you can sip it with a paper towel, and then reapply it again. Gently sip the part close to the teeth with the paper, and re-smear the outer edge of your lips, so as not to stain the teeth.