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Have you ever tried pink and silver eyeshadow makeup? Believe me, if you use the right method to wear this eyeshadow makeup. It will be stunning. Different makeup especially eye makeup can make you look different. If you want to change your makeup style, the pink-silver eyeshadow may be a good option.

How to wear pink and silver eyeshadow makeup?

The tools of course matter the most when it comes to eye makeup. You need to take safety, affordability, and performance into account. You have to go through some trials and errors to wear perfect makeup. So does purchase the right makeup tools for you.

To learn to wear makeup, the first thing you need to know about yourself. Do you have dry or oily skin? Do you have a single eyelid or double eyelids? These are the basic features of your appearance which are important for you when opting for cosmetics and wearing makeup.

After having a good understanding of your skin condition and other features, you can start choosing a reliable store. Some famous brands will be the paramount choice of many customers. However, sometimes prestigious brands also entail high prices. As a beginner, it is not necessary to buy expensive cosmetics. You can buy some quality while affordable products.

Perfect Diary will always be your royal service provider. We have been dedicated to offering wonderful products at reasonable costs. We keep improving our products and services. We have a wide range of cosmetics available.

Today, we guide you to wear pink and silver eyeshadow makeup. To wear this style of eye makeup featuring a spring atmosphere, there is no better option than Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Butterfly. Different combinations of these colors are fascinating and gorgeous. As you can see from the comment, the product is long-lasting. After preparing the tools, you can start to follow our guidance.

The first step is always to prime your eyelid no matter what sort of eyeshadow makeup you wear. Try to make the color of your eyelid the same as your skin color. Besides, priming your eyelid can make the application more smooth and more long-lasting.

Use the pink eyeshadow to draw the wing-shaped eyeshadow at the outside corner of your eyelid and over the crease. Then, apply the silver eyeshadow to the middle area of your eyelid and the pink eyeshadow, again, to the inner corner of your eyelid.

Then, apply the darker shade of pink to the contour of the eyeshadow you have applied and enhance the inner and outer corners of the eyeshadow with the darker pink. Use a blending brush to blend each color and make the transition natural. Enhance the color above the crease line. You can use glittering pink to light up the middle area of the eye makeup.

Apply the light pink shadow to your lower eyelid and still start strengthening the line from the outside area to form the natural transition. To make the black line sharper and the eye makeup clearer. You can use the liquid eyeliner to wear the eyeliner. Applying mascara is also necessary to make the makeup more exquisite and stunning.

When all the steps are done, the basic pink and silver eyeshadow makeup is finished. Do not forget to paint your eyebrows. Otherwise, the combination of light eyebrows and strong eyeshadow makeup will look weird. If you are still not clear about how to wear eyeshadow makeup, you can search for more videos and picture guidance online.

It is hard to succeed at one time. You need to practice more and make improvements gradually. After improving your skills, you can buy some products. For example, for beginners, liquid eyeliner is hard to use. You can try to use it after multiple times of practicing. Of course, if you get used to using pencil eyeliner or black eyeshadow, you don’t necessary to buy the liquid eyeliner.

To sum up

We have introduced how to wear pink and silver eyeshadow makeup and a product carefully selected from our store. Such makeup is particularly suitable to wear in spring time. You may feel it difficult to wear eyeshadow at the beginning. Don’t worry, it is natural. You need to practice and be perfect.