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How to match foundation to your skin? Liquid foundation is a makeup product that can modify the skin. It is light in texture and easy to apply. It is an essential thing for makeup. When choosing a foundation, you must choose not only the texture but also the color. Choosing a color that is similar to your skin tone can make your facial makeup look more natural.  

Before choosing the color of the liquid foundation, you must do one thing first. You must know enough about whether your skin is cold or warm. Stand in the sun and look at the color of your blood vessels to distinguish whether you are cool or warm, and have fair skin tones.

Good base makeup is equal to 50% of the entire makeup. Base makeup is the most important key to full-face makeup. In addition to the basic shades, many foundations have different “tints”. How to choose the shade that suits you? How to choose a foundation if your complexion is reddish and sallow? Learn more about it.

Everyone knows that there is warm and cold skin tone, but many people think that white skin equals cold, and dark skin equals warm. This concept is wrong! Let’s see what skin tone you have. Cool white skin (ceramic pink) = red + white + slightly yellow. Warm white skin (ivory white) = yellow + white.

Cool dark skin (chocolate brown, olive brown) = red + a little yellow + black + a little white. Warm dark skin (wheat color) = yellow + a little red + white + a little black.

Those close to the center of the coordinates have neutral skin tones, and Asian skin tones are mostly off-center in the upper right block (ivory beige). So if you are white, you may have red/pink and slightly yellow also.

How to match foundation to your skin? It can be seen from the above points that although there is yellow in the skin tone, depending on the proportion of yellow, the skin tone will be pinkish or yellowish. For warm-toned skin, yellow is the main color when toning!

And black and white just change the brightness of the color, so it will not have much effect on the tone of the color itself. Therefore, for girls with cool skin tones, it is recommended to choose a powder foundation. For girls with warm skin tone, It is recommended to choose a yellowish (warm) foundation

Take out pink and orange lipsticks and compare the two to choose the best color. Pink lipstick makes the skin look brighter, then you have cool skin. If orange lipstick looks better, then you have warm skin. If both look good, congratulations on your natural skin tone.

How to match foundation to your skin perfectly?

Liquid foundations will have many shades, but they are usually relatively fixed in tone and brightness, and their brightness is also different. They are suitable for different skin tones. Before choosing, you must know these shades and their respective parameters can be selected according to your situation.

After confirming, you can also do some understanding of the color number of the liquid foundation, such as its color tone and brightness. There is usually a comparison table for reference when choosing the foundation of each brand. In the end, it depends on the season and skin type, such as dry or oily, autumn or summer foundation will be slightly different.

In addition to the difference in color number according to the fairness of skin tone, general foundations also have “hue” points, which can be seen from the color number, like BO and BD. Yellowish (warm tones). PO and BR are pinkish (cold) at the beginning, W/Y/G are mostly warm, C/P/R are cooler, and N/B are neutral.

Be sure to go to the counter to try the color! Apply the foundation on the cheeks and the middle of the neck (the base of the chin), don’t try it on your hands! The choice of liquid foundation shade depends on the skin tone between the neck and face. There will be two different colors for the face and neck. When choosing the color of the liquid foundation, you should choose the best skin tone between the two.