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Have you ever tried a light brown lip liner? Many women are dissatisfied with the shape of their lips. Some people feel that their lips are too thin and have no three-dimensional sense, while others feel that their lips are too thick and look very eye-catching.

The shortcomings of these lips can be changed through makeup. Different lip makeup is suitable for girls with different lip shapes. The key is to master the makeup skills that suit you. To build a perfect lip, you can use a glossy lip gloss, lipstick, etc. And choose a lip gloss with a bright, reflective effect that captures and reflects light, making lips appear fuller and fuller.

If your skin tone is not very dark, you can try a light brown lip liner. When choosing a lip liner, you must first choose the color of the lip liner according to your makeup habits. If you are accustomed to using dark lipsticks, you can choose a lipstick that is similar in color to your usual lipstick, preferably slightly lighter, so as not to be inconsistent.

If you usually like to use light lipstick and only use a lip liner to modify the lip shape, you can choose a lip liner that is closer to your lip color. However, if it is to modify thick lips or the lip shape changes greatly, it is best to prepare a flesh-colored or orange lip liner, which will be more versatile.

A lip liner that is too dark and too bright should be used carefully, such as coffee, red, etc., it is easy to make the lip makeup too dark and uncoordinated. The second is the texture of the lip liner: the lip liner should be selected as much as possible with higher oil content, otherwise, it will be easy to color, the lines will be smooth, and the damage to lip skin will be relatively small.

When buying a lip liner, try it on the back of your hand to see if the lines are smooth and don’t break in the middle. Thus, when you bought it, you can use it frequently.

How to apply a light brown lip liner?

Before applying makeup to your lips, exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush with a soft brush head or a lip scrub that won’t harm sensitive lips. This trick not only improves the appearance of your lips but also highlights the texture of your lips. It can also promote blood circulation, making the follow-up makeup more compliant and better color.

When applying foundation, you can first cover part of the original lip shape with concealer, and on the inner side of the original lip line, use a light brown or brown lip liner to draw a new lip line that is slightly smaller than the original lip shape. distortion. Lipstick color should use a slightly darker color to connect with the lip line, do not choose bright and fluorescent lipstick.

Apply a lighter shade of lip balm to the center of the lips to highlight and enhance the charm of the lips, especially for lips that are too thin and not full enough. Applying a layer of shimmery lip gloss to the center of the lips has a similar lip plumping effect.

Contouring makeup that works well on the face is also suitable for contouring the lips. Use the highlighter to brighten the arch in the middle of the upper lip. If you need a little shadow at the bottom of the lower lip, you can draw a light brown lip line, and then use your fingers to blend it for a natural effect. By brightening the center of the upper lip and deepening the bottom of the lower lip, the lips instantly have a dimensional look.

If you want to draw a small lip, try the following technique to visually shrink your lips. Generally, thick lips need to draw a new lip line with a light brown lip liner on the inner side of the original lip line, and choose a slightly darker lipstick to connect with the lip line, but not too bright or too light.

The light brown lip liner can be used in both ways. If you tend to buy this item, you can check different brands to see their performance and prices. Choose the cosmetics that are safe and famous.