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Maybe a lot of people want to figure out how to blend contour. Some people are completely different before and after makeup. After looking into this phenomenon, it is found that a large part of this huge change is due to contouring. The big round face will look smaller and V-shaped after natural and delicate contouring, and the flat facial features can also be more angular. However, not everyone can make it well. Do you also want to know how to contour? Let me introduce it to you in detail.

The choice of contour products and tools directly affects whether the final makeup look is natural and long-lasting. How to choose them? For beginners, you must first distinguish your skin tone and find a tool that is easy to use. With all these prepared, contouring will be easier to blend. Common bronzers are mainly divided into contour sticks, contour powders and liquid contours.

● Contour stick
The contour stick is designed into a pen shape with a paste-like bronzer. One end is dark and the other is light. It will last longer than other contours. But its shade is generally very deep. This kind of contour requires excellent makeup technique and may not be very friendly to novices. Besides, its texture is thick, so it is more suitable for dry skin.

● Contour powder
Similar in texture to pressed powder, the contour powder is suitable for oily skin. Its shade is not as deep as the contour stick for it has a lightweight texture. It can control oil to some degree, but the powder is easier to be removed. It is very easy to go with makeup brushes and can also be used to modify the hairline, so this kind of contour is recommended for beginners.

● Liquid contour
The liquid contour features a relatively strong fluidity, so the dosage during contouring is not easy to control. Nevertheless, it has a certain concealer effect on acne and other blemishes, so the concealer with a darker shade can also be used as a liquid contour. Before going with it, you’d better apply it on the back of your hand and then blend it evenly into your face with your fingers or a makeup sponge.
The most basic principle of contouring is to put shadows on the parts of the face that looks fat, and highlights the parts that need to be highlighted, therefore, the contrast between the shadows and the highlights will make the face more compact and delicate. For example, the faces of Orientals are relatively flat, thus the contour can be used to correct small facial imperfections and make the facial contours more marked.

● Contouring wide face
First, apply an appropriate amount of contour powder with a powder brush, and brush from the cheekbones to the lower side. The advantage of that motion will leave no obvious boundaries from the side. The face-brightening area is concentrated under your eyes. The bridge of the nose should apply slender highlights. At the same time, applying blush to your face can make your cheeks look smaller.

● Contouring round face
Apply an appropriate amount of contour powder with a brush to the under-ear area, and shade under the chin to make the face look more pointed. In order to make the face more angular, you can apply pearlescent light to the forehead and chin. Then choose a different blush, which can play a natural transition with the previous contour.

● Contouring long face
As for the slightly longer face, it is necessary to apply contour to the forehead and chin which can shorten the visual distance and present a perfect look. Then highlight the upper part of the temple. At last, you can apply blush to your cheeks by brushing out in a circular motion to create a good complexion.

For beginners, it may look dirty and unnatural after contouring. First, you can apply a small amount of bronzer to avoid applying too heavy powder at one time. In addition, try to utilize beauty tools, such as contour brushes or beauty blenders that can help you blend it more evenly and naturally. Finally, choose a suitable shade. A shade that is a little darker than your skin tone is right.

The pursuit of beauty is no longer achieved through cosmetic surgery, but we can change our appearance and show our beauty by learning how to blend contour to create an attractive look. We recommend you one product from Perfect Diary, the 3-in-1 Sculpting palette. It comes with a super-blendable contour, highlighter and blush, which is very useful and convenient. If you’re interested, just click our official website.