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How long to finish a lipstick is a question that many girls will think about when they are putting on makeup. Lips are the focus of the entire makeup look and a delicate and perfect lip will undoubtedly add to the beauty. So, how much time do we usually spend on lip makeup?

Usually, the time spent on lip makeup depends on the complexity of your makeup. It can be very quick. If you are in a hurry, you may be able to apply lipstick in 5 seconds. But if you are looking for a more perfect result, it may take longer to apply your lipstick.

Easy 15-second lip makeup

How long to finish a lipstick is a concern for many girls who don’t have time to finish a complete makeup look. Many times, we just need to apply a lipstick that is suitable for everyday and for more sleep time, our lip makeup needs to be quicker and simpler. However, if you apply it directly without any finishing touches, it will still be too scribble. We can simply apply the following daily lip makeup。

Start by applying lip balm to your lips, as your lips may be too dry and chapped. If you have darker lips, you can use a concealer to slightly cover up the color of your lips itself. If your lip color itself is lighter, you can just apply lipstick.

Apply lipstick in the middle of your lips, sip it with your mouth, and then use your fingers or a lip brush to smudge the lipstick naturally.

More sophisticated lip makeup

When we are going to a more grand and formal occasion, we need to apply a more sophisticated lip makeup, which can be more time consuming. How long to finish a lipstick? If you are looking for a more perfect result, you can refer to the following lip painting methods.Before creating a perfect lip makeup that can stand the test of the camera lens, it is important to moisturize your lips well. Otherwise, even a hydrated lipstick and perfect lip shape will be slightly embarrassing because of peeling and surface lip lines. So, start by priming with a lip balm.

After priming, use a lip concealer to cover up the original contour and color of the original lips. This is done to make the lipstick color more pigmented and saturated, as well as to adjust the lip line. This strip is especially suitable for girls with inconspicuous lip peaks and lips that are too thick or too thin.

Then use a lip liner to outline the lip shape, the order of tracing should start from the lip peak first, then in tracing the lower lip edge, and finally the corner edge of the mouth. This way, the general lip shape is basically finished.

PS: A few points to note in this step:

If you use a lip liner, try to choose a color that is lighter than the lipstick color so that it will not stand out. Don’t draw out an obvious lip line mark, it won’t look good.

Use a professional lip brush instead of lipstick to apply it directly. Why use a lip brush? Because it can be very good at depicting the lip shape, you can prepare two lip brushes if you don’t use or use a good lip liner, the big one fills in the color and the small one depicts the outline, especially the corner of the mouth. If the lipstick is not applied properly, it will spill out, which will be very ugly.

Another advantage of using a lip brush is that the color is even, repeatedly brush the lipstick evenly, if the lipstick directly on the lips, easy color uneven.

Tips for lip care

The condition of your lips is key if you want to apply your lipstick quickly. Good lip condition allows you to achieve a very stunning effect even with a simple application of lipstick.

Drink water, this is a great way to hydrate your lips. Of course, eating more foods and fruits that contain vitamins A, B and C can also be effective in improving the dullness of your lips.

Apply moisturizing lip mask often and use more moisturizing lip balm. And massage the lips from time to time to promote blood circulation.

Honey is a natural moisturizer, when the lips are dry and cracked, apply it on the lips, it can help a lot to improve dry and cracked lips. You can also buy petroleum jelly to apply or put a cotton pad with moisturizing water or moisturizing solution on your lips for 10 minutes. Then gently pat with your fingers and massage while applying.