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Many girls are confused about when to apply setting powder and how to use it properly to get a long-lasting look. In fact, setting powder can play its role and effect in all stages of the whole makeup. It depends on the needs of your makeup and more other factors such as skin condition, seasonal effects. 

Setting powder, as its name suggests, is the last step that many makeup beginners think should be used after the whole look is finished. z

This is certainly the moment to use the setting powder, to fix your delicate makeup with it, but when to use setting powder, it is not the only moment to use it.

When to use setting powderexactly?

 ● After applying foundation

After finishing the foundation, we can gently sweep a layer of setting powder on the face, which will keep the subsequent makeup from melting, make the foundation cleaner and facilitate the makeup application.

 ● After applying foundationAfter the makeup is done

We can also use a makeup brush to sweep a layer of setting powder on our face after all the makeup is done. This will make our carefully drawn makeup last longer, but remember not to sweep it too thick, otherwise it will make the makeup look too thick.

 ● After applying foundation For makeup touch-ups

After a period, your face will definitely be oily, so you can use a foundation or air cushion to make up for it, and then use a setting powder to control the oil. If you forget to bring your foundation when you go out, then you can also use a setting powder directly.

More moments when to use setting powder

● If you have oily skin, a setting powderwill be the perfect partner for you. You can use a setting powder to even out your skin before applying your foundation, so that your foundation can be applied more smoothly afterwards. And because of your oily skin, you may use more setting powder to keep your makeup in place.

● If you have dry skin, setting powder may not be the best setting product for you. Avoid applying setting powder to your entire face, that will likely lead to things like snagging, leading to an entire makeup disaster! A topical application is sufficient and is best combined with a setting spray to hold your makeup in place.

● After finishing a delicate eye makeup, we can also use setting powderto partially fix our eye makeup first before proceeding to the next steps, which can make our makeup more subdued.

● In summer, use setting powder more frequently. The heat is the killer of our beautiful makeup, so setting powder is essential. And in winter, when it is relatively dry, we can use more moist fixing products such as setting sprays to achieve better results.

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Finally: why use setting powder?

Setting powder is actually also divided into different colors, different colors of setting powder on the face, your makeup will also follow the change. Because setting powder is a powdered cosmetic product, it is free of any oil and can absorb excess oil from the skin, thus achieving oil control. Our makeup will fall off, mainly because of sweat and oil, then the setting powder can absorb this moisture, and the longevity of our makeup will certainly be enhanced.

It is not extra work to use a setting powder, but rather it will make your makeup look better. But you should also choose the relative setting powder according to your makeup. Don’t use some poor-quality setting powder because of cheapness, which will only damage your skin on face.