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Are you looking for the most suitable eyebrow powder for black eyebrows? Most people prefer the pencil because of its ease of control and convenience. However, for thick black eyebrows, if you continue to use an eyebrow pencil, it will look thicker and more unnatural, so eyebrow powder is a very good choice at this time.

So, do you know your eyebrows? and the products used to apply your eyebrows? If you want to know how to draw the perfect shape for your eyebrows, go ahead!

  • Eyebrow pencil VS eyebrow powder: what’s the difference?

An eyebrow pencil is a relatively common product for eyebrow drawing. It is relatively easy to use because it is easy to control. Of course, this is also why eyebrow pencils are better for beginners. The lines are clearer, and the shape of the eyebrows is more natural.

In addition, the pencil can be used by people who have fewer and sparser eyebrows because it can complement them. When using an eyebrow pencil, you should focus on the strength of the pencil, otherwise it will make the eyebrows look too dull.

Eyebrow powder has a more natural effect than eyebrow pencil. Since it is in powder form, it is easier to apply makeup and at the same time it fills in the gaps in the eyebrows. Of course, for those who have unevenly colored eyebrows, powder is a great savior.

However, the workability of the powder is weaker than that of the pencil. Because the brush is soft, it is difficult to use, especially for beginners. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with caterpillar-like eyebrows.

The difference between eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder is obvious: eyebrow pencil is suitable for people with sparse and vacant eyebrows, while eyebrow powder is suitable for people with thicker and more complete eyebrows.

In addition, compared to pencils, powdered eyebrows are softer and less rigid. Eyebrow powder can also be used as eye shadow, so it’s a double whammy. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages as well as its suitable people, so you must take into account your actual situation when choosing one.

  • How to apply the eyebrow powder for black eyebrows?

If you have very thick eyebrows and just want to partially fill them in. Then to use eyebrow powder is quite enough. Dip a brow powder brush into the right amount of powder and fill in the gaps of your eyebrows.

But if you don’t have natural and perfect eyebrows, then you need more skills and tools to use a pencil and powder together to get better results.

Applying eyebrows can be divided into four steps: repairing eyebrows, outlining eyebrows, filling eyebrows, and tidying up eyebrows, and eyebrow powder is used in the step of filling eyebrows.

1. Repair eyebrows: Before using the eyebrow pencil, first use a comb to comb the eyebrows in the direction of growth, from the head to the top of the peak, and then from the peak to the bottom of the tail, and then use an eyebrow trimmer to trim off any excess or overgrown eyebrows or to trim them to the shape you want

2. Outline eyebrows: Use the tip of the eyebrow pencil to outline the desired shape of the eyebrows and fix the head, tail and peak of the eyebrows.

3. Fill in the eyebrows: use a powder brush to dip the powder into the blank part of the eyebrows and apply it evenly from the head to the end of the eyebrows, using the powder will be more natural than the pencil.

4. Tidy up the eyebrows: fill in the uneven areas with a pencil to make the eyebrow color more even.  Finally, use a comb to comb through the eyebrows to make them look more natural.


Delicate eyebrows are an important part of the overall makeup that cannot be ignored. Improperly placed eyebrows can ruin your entire look! Eyebrow powder for black eyebrows works better than eyebrow pencil, usually we choose a powder that is similar to the color of the eyebrows so black powder is suitable for heavy black eyebrows.

However, powder is more suitable for eyebrows that are well shaped and require more practice, so we can use a pencil at the same time to get the best results.