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Have you ever seen a dark brown lip liner? Would you use a lip liner in this color? Or to say, have you ever used a lip liner? It seems that we don’t usually choose very dark lipsticks, not to mention lip liner. Bright lipstick is almost the first choice for us in our daily looks. I think that lip liners are underrated. So, let me tell you why I think you should use a lip liner. And what exactly a lip liner does.

Does it ever happen to you to put on a very creamy lipstick and then two hours later it spread all around your mouth? Lipstick tends to migrate a lot outside the natural contour of your lips. That is where lip liner comes in handy. Here are 3 reasons why you should use a lip liner in your beauty routine.

● Lip liner has a more waxy consistency than any other lipstick. It creates a barrier around your lips so that whatever lipstick you are going to apply, it’s not going to migrate. That’s the number one reason.
● And there are a lot of women that have either the lower lip or the upper lip a little bit smaller. Now, if you would like to balance that, you could do that with a pencil.
● The 3rd reason is that it defines your lip and it helps you put on lipstick much easier. And it’s absolutely incredible how much lip liner can change the whole look of your mouth.

Many people prefer bright color lipstick or lip liner because these are more normal and suit most occasions. But for me, I really like this dark brown color which can make my lip makeup special. And then apply the lipstick of a similar color, like the Weightless Velvet Lip Stain Heartbeat Collection (color 013 only you) from Perfect Diary. That’s really amazing! Now let’s talk about the application of dark brown lip liner. And what is the right way to apply your lip definer?

First of all, you need to sharpen your lip definer or your lip liner. And it doesn’t really matter where you start. If you want to start with your upper lip, or if you want to start with your bottom lip, that it’s not necessarily very important. What’s important is the movement. You have two options. You can do the motion of smiling so that you could get in between those tiny fine lines on your lips, or you do the back and forth motion. This is going to guarantee if you have that barrier that can protect your lipstick from migrating.

I usually rest my pinky on the chin so that I can have control. I like a lip liner that whenever you do like 2, 3, or 4 swipes on the same place, it doesn’t build up. There are lip liners that do build up and they get a very weird texture. On the cupid’s bow, it’s really up to you. Each lip is different. On me, I like to slightly overline my upper lip, but only on the cupid’s bow.

My left side is different than my right side, which is not normal. It is then from the corner of my mouth, I connect it to the cupid’s bow. And you need to be relaxed and have your lips as relaxed as you can. With all those done, I could apply lip gloss without having this fear that I’m going to have it all over my face.

Before using the lip liner, pinch the tip with your thumb and forefinger to warm it up for a few seconds. The warmth of your fingers softens the lip liner a bit, making it smoother and smoother to use.

In this tutorial, I have explained what a lip liner is and how to use it. Moreover, a lip gloss has been recommended to you to go with a dark brown lip liner. Also, there are other choices for you. You can click our website to learn more about makeup tutorials or beauty blogs.