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  5. Introduction of Makeup Brushes: the Types of Eyeshadow Brushes

Distinguishing various types of eyeshadow brushes may be a huge challenge for makeup beginners. The eyeshadow brush is a tool to help us apply eyeshadow so that the eyeliner and the eyeshadow around the eye and under the eyebrow can be fully integrated with a colorful layer blended. How many eyeshadow brushes are there in total? How can we use them to draw eyeshadow? Let’s find out together!

Eyeshadow brushes can be used to prim, blend and perfect our eyeshadow. The main differences among different types of eyeshadow brushes are the shape and size of their bristles. Besides, different brushes have different usages.

1. Primer brush
A primer brush is also known as a large-sized eyeshadow brush, whose bristles are about the size of the thumbnail and is softer than others. Generally, it is used for priming the eyelids with the lightest shade.

2. Medium-sized and small-sized eyeshadow brushes
The bristles of this kind of brush are about the size of an index fingernail and are usually used to draw transitional shades. When applying eye makeup, you should change the size of the brush according to the area that you plan to draw. It is more convenient to select a larger brush to apply a large area, and a small-sized brush used for a small range.

What’s more, every time you use a different color, you must first rub the eyeshadow powder remaining on the bristles to a tissue, otherwise, the eye makeup that you blend will look dirty. Therefore, those who are too lazy to rub each time should prepare a few more eyeshadow brushes.

3. Tapered brush
This tapered brush is a relatively rare eyeshadow brush. It is a must-have brush for blending eyeshadow. You can use this kind of brush to deepen the end of the eye and create a sense of depth.

4. Lower eyelid brush
The lower eyelid brush is also called the detail brush, the bristles are the size of a little fingernail, and the flat head is suitable for applying the eyeshadow to the lower eyelid. If you use a medium or small eyeshadow brush to brush the lower eyelid, it will draw a very wide line, for the bristles of the medium-sized eyeshadow brush are round and are too large for the lower eyelid.

While the bristles of the lower eyelid brush are flat. When making up the lower eyelid, you should hold the brush upright, and use the tip of the brush to apply the eyeshadow. As for the end of the lower eyelid, you should keep the brush at about 45 to 60 degrees and blend the shade with the side of the brush head.

5. Blending brush
The bristles of the blending brush are longer and softer, but weaker in grasping the powder. The main function is to blend the whole eyeshadow and make a better transition between different colors of eyeshadow, especially the edge of blending eyeshadow. The edge of a well-blended eye makeup looks harmonious. There is no obvious boundary between the areas where the eye shadow is applied or not, so don’t forget to blend the eyeshadow with this kind of brush after you finish eye makeup.

6. Eyeliner brush
The eyeliner brush is made of synthetic fiber. A smooth line can be created when it is combined with eyeliner. These brushes are all-purpose, with a minimal head that is easy to identify.

7. Eyeshadow stick
Almost each eyeshadow palette comes with an eyeshadow stick, but if you only utilize the stick to apply eyeshadow, it is easy to make your eye makeup terrible with obvious deep and light areas, and the blending effect cannot be achieved. However, for those eyeshadows that are not very pigmented, the stick can play a supporting role. After your eye makeup is finished, use the eyeshadow stick to pick up the dark shade and press it on the place that needs to be deepened. Or you can take a sequin color and press it on the center of your eyelid.

After reading this introduction to the various types of eyeshadow brushes, you might have the ability to distinguish their shapes and functions. Now you can pick up those brushes and create adorable eye makeup with your eyeshadow palette. If you haven’t found an appropriate eyeshadow palette, just click https://www.perfectdiary.com/collections/eyes which has various beautiful and useful palettes on offer.