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How to travel with makeup? I guess you probably will come across this question. We all want to look beautiful, but we don’t want to overburden our luggage, so we’re not sure how to make a choice between the many cosmetic products available.

Tip 1: We can squeeze foundation into a dispenser or contact lens case. Isn’t it a pain to carry a whole jar of foundation with you every time you go out? Sets of dispenser boxes are now sold, so we can squeeze as much foundation as we need into the boxes. In addition to this, our unused contact lens cases are the great dispenser boxes, which tells us to learn to make clever use of the items around us.

Tip 2: We can soak a cotton pad in make-up remover beforehand and put it in a zip-lock bag, so we don’t have to bring a whole bottle of make-up remover, isn’t that handy? If we want to bring eye make-up remover and regular make-up remover, we can use two bags for this purpose and then write the product names on the bag with a marker to differentiate them.

Tip 3: We can also use disposable gloves to put various types of brushes. A complete set of brushes is very important when it comes to make-up, but they are very difficult to carry around. In fact, disposable gloves can solve this dilemma. We can put the brushes in the disposable gloves, roll them up and tie them with a leather strap.

Tip 4: Disposable powder puffs are great to take with us when we travel and this is sold in many makeup shops, which is very handy.

Tip 5: If we want to carry powder products such as eye shadows, blushes, powders, then it is best to use a cotton pad on top of the products as this will prevent these products from breaking in transit.

Tip 6: We can use disposable bottles for skincare products such as toners and lotions. It is also important to note that we can use spray bottles for water-based skincare products and wide mouth bottles for lotions and small boxes for creams.

Tip 7: Whether we buy skincare products or cosmetics, I believe we will be given a lot of product samples, which are the best companion when traveling. All of the above tips are good solutions to the problem of how to travel with makeup.

In addition to the above tips, we would like to tell you that you can use an eyeshadow palette to achieve multi-functional purposes to help you better solve the problem of how to travel with makeup.

1. We can create glamorous eyes by using dark eye shadows near the eyelids and light eye shadows near the brow bone, which also makes the eyes look more defined.

2. We can use light orange eye shadows from the eyeshadow palette to cover up dark circles, which neutralizes the tones between them. However, some beauties with dry skin should not do this as it will make our skin look even drier.

3. Light brown or brown eyeshadow can be used as a highlighter. The method is that we can gently use the light eyeshadow on the bridge of the nose, which will give a natural look to the nose shadow. In addition, some eye shadows such as the fine shimmer colors can be used as highlighters on the brow bone or bridge of the nose, which will give the whole face a more layered look.

4. Once we have finished our eyeliner, we can also use a small eyeliner brush dipped in a dark eyeshadow powder to fill in the end of our eyeliner and the base of our lashes for a perfectly natural look.

5. If we find that blush takes up too much space and thus cannot be carried around with us. We can dip our finger into a little pink or orange eyeshadow and put it evenly over our cheeks to get an incredible natural blush. However, some of the eye shadows are really low quality, so use this method with caution if our skin is in bad condition. That is, the actual use will also depend on our real skin type or other factors.