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How to clean makeup palettes? Makeup palettes don’t need to be cleaned unless you’re wiping it on your face to remove makeup. However, the sponge or makeup brush needs to be cleaned well!

Makeup brushes, such as foundation brushes and eye shadow brushes, are all brushes with good powder grasping ability. After use, makeup dirt is easy to remain on the brush head.

Therefore, the eye shadow brush needs to be cleaned regularly. If the eye shadow brush is not cleaned in time After cleaning, make-up residues are left on the brush, which is easy to breed bacteria, and then the brush is used in the eye area, which will cause skin problems to the eye skin, and will seriously affect the health of the eyes and skin.

The steps of how to clean makeup palettes brush

If you are using a cream eyeshadow, you can wash the brush two to three times a week. If you are using eye shadow powder, you can gently wipe with a makeup remover wipe after each makeup application to clean the eye shadow powder on the brush head. When applying multiple colors of eye makeup, you can gently shake off the eyeshadow powder on the brush head, wipe it gently on a tissue, and then change it to other colors.

Applying eye makeup with an eye shadow brush can make the color distribution more delicate and even. Much better than finger makeup. Especially when applying daily makeup, using an eyeshadow brush is even handier. When cleaning the eye shadow brush, be careful not to use too much force, causing the bristles to fall off and explode. Gently rub the bristles with a cleanser or makeup remover.

The eyeshadow brush will be stained with skin dirt, cosmetics, dust, and other dirt during daily use, so it needs warm water and a special detergent to wash it completely. Many people think that a newly purchased eyeshadow brush can be used directly without washing, which is wrong.

The new eyeshadow brushes appear to be clean, but there are visible and invisible stains in the making and production process. Therefore, it is best to wash the newly purchased eye shadow brush and wait for it to dry before using it. When cleaning, soak the bristles with warm water. At this time, hold the joint between the brush nozzle and the bristles to avoid water, and let the bristles face down.

Then pour the remover, gently push the bristles with your fingers, and then rinse the bristles with clean water. After washing the eyeshadow brush, put a towel or paper towel on the table to absorb the moisture on the brush, tidy it up, and then place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. After drying, you can gently rub the bristles with your hands and flick with your fingers to restore the bristles to a fluffy state.

When it goes to cleaning, it should be noted that it is not recommended to clean the blush brush after every use. The blush brush is mostly made of animal hair. Dry cleaning once a month and washing once every three months is enough. And when cleaning, it is best to clean each makeup tool separately, otherwise, it will only become more and more unclean!

When choosing a makeup brush, you should also pay attention to the quality of the bristles. A good brush has very soft and delicate bristles, which can ensure that the makeup is even and natural, and will not damage the eye skin due to the hard bristles. Eye skin is relatively delicate and thin, if the quality of the eye shadow brush used is not good, it will cause damage to the skin. Protect your makeup tools with the correct cleaning method to create beautiful and natural makeup.

How to clean makeup palettes? Frequent cleaning is harmful to the bristles. Makeup brushes with liquid and paste cosmetics need to be cleaned every time they are used, otherwise, the sticking of the bristles will seriously affect the user experience and makeup effect. The brush for powder-like eyeshadow does not need to be washed once, but it should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the eye shadow brush is clean and healthy.