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Should we use blush or highlighter first in the face of so many kinds of cosmetics? I believe there are many people who have the same doubts and do not understand the corresponding solutions. If you want to have a perfect and suitable makeup, knowing certain makeup knowledge can be an essential step, so let me answer your doubts for you!

About blush:
Blush is a cosmetic product that is applied to the cheekbones of the cheeks to present a healthy, rosy tone and highlight the three-dimensional feel of the face. Usually using red pigments, but there are also brown, blue, bronze and beige that are adapted to the needs of cosmetic use.

The choice of blush color follows two two principles. The first is that the lighter the person’s skin tone, the lighter the blush color should be. If the skin color is darker, the darker the blush color should be. The second is that cooler skin tones are more suitable for pink blush, while warm skin tones are more suitable for orange toned blushes.

Regarding highlighter:
Highlighting is a common tool used in makeup, it has a highlighter pen, highlighter powder and other types, and its role is to make makeup produce a contrast between light and dark, making the lines in different locations three-dimensional and clear contours, it is better used in makeup and often used in high-end techniques. But highlighting is not something that must be used, but if you plan to use it, you need to pay attention to the color selection and application skills.

1. Highlight refers to the powdered cosmetics applied to the T-zone, nose bridge, eyebrow bone and other locations when applying makeup, where highlighting powder is more common and will be applied to the face with a powder puff, mainly for finishing the contours to make the makeup more perfect, it is as good as blush.

2. It first appeared in the art of a word, the use of light and dark can make art works to create a three-dimensional effect, and in the makeup, the use of highlighting products coated in different locations, can also make such an effect, so it can make the five features more delicate, and concealer, eye shadow and other roles are different.

Blush or highlighter first?
Finally, we come to a very important topic, that is, when the beauty of the makeup in the end is to apply blush or highlighter first? The blush and highlighter both have the role of modifying the face shape, the highlighter is used as a final highlighter, the blush can be used first to prevent the blush from covering up the shine of the highlighter. The position of the blush and highlighter is about the same, the highlighter will be slightly upward, so that the skin of the face can be more shiny.

One of the makeup tips of many beauty bloggers is to put on the blush first, and then the highlighter, because there are some blushes that add pearl or highlighter, so that the two effects are one, so that you don’t have to play the highlighter after the blush, which will be more convenient. Blush is an indispensable part of makeup.

Applying blush correctly can make you look better, and different colors of blush can also create different styles. Some blushes contain pearlescent, when applied on the face, not only can make you look better, but also make your skin look more and more translucent.

The blush should be applied horizontally along the area parallel to the apple muscle, while the highlighter is played in the middle area between the under eye area and the blush, as well as in the corner of the eye area diagonally above the forehead area. The finishing powder is used below the blush, in a three-dimensional triangular pattern, and in the area around the hairline.

For highlighting, just try to choose something with a good reputation, the quality of the lack of highlighting will be very unnatural, so when choosing a highlighter, choose a powder that is relatively fine and natural to use. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. Using a good highlighter can create a better effect than after acid. Therefore, girls should start applying the highlighter after using the blush.

When the makeup must pay attention to master the correct order, especially in the final makeup steps, if not master the correct order, it will affect the entire makeup. When using the blush or highlighter first, the order should be to use the blush first and then the highlighter application so as to achieve the purpose of brightening the skin tone.