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What color foundation do I need is a very confusing problem for many girls who are just starting to learn makeup. Choosing a foundation is a very difficult thing to do. For people who don’t know much about makeup, choosing a foundation may only pick a light color, but ignore the fact that it doesn’t match their skin tone and it’s hard to play the effect. 

There are different shades for different skin tones, and only when you choose the right shade can you even out your skin tone and adjust it. Since everyone’s skin tone is different, how should I choose a foundation that suits my skin tone?

Step 1: Know your skin tone

Before answering the question what color foundation do i need, first, we need to know the color of the face and neck, then choose the color of the foundation according to the skin tone of these two parts. Unless you have a very light skin tone, you must not choose a shade that is too white.

We can go to a brick-and-mortar store to try on makeup and apply a small amount of foundation first. It is best to try the foundation on your chin or jaw, so that you can clearly see the color difference between your neck and face and compare how the foundation color blends with your original skin tone. Avoid trying the color on the back of your hand, because usually the skin tone on the back of your hand is not as fair as that of your face, which can easily cause deviations. 

Also, try the color before each purchase. Even if you have used a certain color of foundation before, when you buy it again, you should try it again to see if it matches your current skin tone because skin tone is not static. 

A person’s skin tone can change due to age or seasonal tanning, so don’t assume that the shade that suited you before is always suitable, this requires more homework and more trial makeup, and there are differences in the shades from one brand to another.

Step 2: Choose according to your skin type

What color foundation do i need? In addition to judging your skin tone and choosing the right shade, it is also crucial to choose products with different textures and effects according to your skin condition. 

If you have oily skin, then use a foundation because your face is prone to oiliness and the powder particles tend to clump together with the excess oil secreted by the skin, resulting in a makeup that is extremely easy to remove, dissolve and thicken. 

It is recommended to choose a foundation that is marked with an oil-free formula or has good oil control. Such foundations can effectively wick away sweat and allow oily skin with large pores to keep the skin breathing smoothly so that makeup stays on longer. The star product Renewal Flawless Cushion Foundation from Perfect Diary is a good choice for the oily skin, which is Sweat-resistant, water-proof and non-cakey. 

Dry skin is often prone to peeling due to excessive dryness when applying foundation, so it is recommended to use a lighter moisturizing lotion to pat on particularly dry areas of the face or prepare a can of moisturizing mineral spray before applying foundation. 

Dry skin can pick a nourishing and moisturizing foundation to apply makeup, these foundations usually add moisturizing ingredients from skin care products, moisturizing effect is strong, reflective light is also good. 

The T-zone is prone to oily skin and dry cheeks are characteristics of combination skin, and the choice of foundation for this type of skin is very similar to that of skin care products. You can choose a foundation designed for combination skin. For oily areas, it can effectively control oil secretion and mattify oily areas; for dry areas, it can retain nourishment and moisture and has a balancing effect on the skin.

Some tips on foundations

• If you already have a bottle of foundation that is too light to throw away, you can buy another bottle of foundation that is one shade darker and mix the two foundations.
• If you already have a bottle of foundation that is too pink, you can use it to cover up dark circles under your eyes, which will be better than a normal foundation.
• If you already have a bottle of foundation that is too yellow, you can use it to cover up redness and darkness around the nose or use it as a shade for touch-ups.


Here you should know what color foundation do i need and more about foundations. Foundation is the foundation of beauty, so don’t think it’s too much of a hassle to choose the right foundation and randomly take away an unsuitable one from the shelf at the mall. That would be a disaster for your entire look.