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The lip cosmetics lip oil vs lip gloss are both popular in our daily use. With respective features and advantages, they are used by more and more people. Someone may be confused by the subtle difference between the two. Detailed information will be advised in this article as a reference for you.


Lip oil is a kind of skin care product that can be applied directly to the lips. It’s a mixture of many different substances. Different brands of lip oil are formulated differently. Generally speaking, glycerin, liquid paraffin, active agents, silicone oil, surfactant, aromatherapy, and so on are added during the development of lip oil.

Because of the form and shape, we can call the lip gloss a thin paste or viscous liquid with a brush. It contains less wax and color pigments. More grease and polymer, as well as polyisobutylene and polybutene, are included. That makes it more viscous. Painting lips with lip gloss gives the effect of “jelly lip”.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lip oil is a kind of liquid lipstick. It has better ductility as it’s more easily absorbed by the skin. The largest role it plays for the lip is lip balm. It can make lips smooth and lustrous with a special moisturizing function.

Lip oil is very greasy and moisturizing, so it’s suitable for people whose lips are particularly dry and cracked. If you do not belong to that type, your flawless makeup will be ruined by using that.

Lip gloss produces a variety of makeup effects. Some of them have the function of covering blemishes. While some of them follow the transparent and crystal route, which does not emphasize color. At the same time, some lip gloss is added with a large amount of pearl powder to make the lips glitter.

The durability of lip gloss is an essential aspect that needs to be improved. It will rub off after a couple of hours. So you need to pay much more attention to your makeup and touch up it in time.

Lip oil vs lip gloss: how to choose the right color?

The first step to coloring the lip is to observe the color of your lips. Choosing a color that is two-shade level darker will be the best choice. As it should be, it will be another situation if you want to dress up with a special shape and a special pure color is needed.

For people who have cool skin tone or hair color, such as purplish-red, dark blue, or black, the lip color of blue and black will make you outstanding. When you are wearing black or white clothes, warm lip colors, such as nude pink, true red, or coral orange will make you attractive.

If the skin color and hair color are not considered, then the lip shape will be much more important. Usually, it’s difficult for thin lips to support a dark color system, such as wine red, positive red, and so on. While plump lips can hold these strong saturated colors. Bright color systems such as naked pink, berry red, bright orange, etc are quite suitable for thin lips.

Lip oil vs lip gloss: 6 steps to make up the lip

Firstly, moisturize the lips with high moisturizing lipstick to prevent the lips from peeling. This is quite important preparation for lip makeup. Secondly, scrub off the top layer of dead skin with a cotton swab. That will make the lipstick more comfortable. Thirdly, cover the original lip color with lip concealer to help the lipstick give better color. The concealer can also be replaced by a liquid foundation.

Fourthly, depict the lip peak and outline the delicate lip contour with the same color lip liner to enhance the sense of contour. Fifthly, Dip lipstick evenly with a lip brush and outline the upper lip line. Lastly, apply the same color lip gloss to make a kind of plump beauty.

The above lip cosmetics lip oil vs lip gloss is with respective advantages and disadvantages. You can choose from them according to your needs and budget. Except for that, there are also many other types of lip makeup. If you want to learn more about the products, perfect dairy is a good choice for you.