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Can you use brow gel as mascara or not? Why do we use different cosmetics in different areas? Not only you will have such doubt. When I first start makeup, I also hold many questions about whether some cosmetics can be replaced by other ones. You can always skip some part of the makeup if you do not have that item. But we do not suggest you use brow gel as mascara.

First of all, Mascara is familiar to many of us. It is a creamy cosmetic used for eyelashes. According to the use effect of mascara, it can be divided into elongated type, thick type, and curl type. These effects cannot be achieved by dyeing eyebrow cream. We may use mascara every day to enlarge our eyes makeup.

Although some mascaras also have the function of dyeing, the color is generally darker and the dyeing effect is not obvious. Mascara generally has a good waterproof effect and a long-lasting makeup effect, but mascara is easier to remove than eyebrow dye.

Can you use brow gel as mascara? Why not?

Eyebrow tint and mascara are similar in texture and application, but they work differently. Brow balm mainly changes the color of the eyebrows, while mascara changes the length, density, and curl of the eyelashes.

Both eyebrow dye and mascara are cream cosmetics, mainly by brushing the paste on the eyebrows and eyelashes, and adjusting and changing the makeup effect by using the color and effect after solidification. Eyebrow tint and mascara are so similar, why can’t they be mixed?

Eyebrow gel or cream is a popular eyebrow cosmetic in recent years. The main effect is to change the color of the eyebrows to coordinate with the hair color and fill in the outline of the eyebrows so that the color and shape of the eyebrows are more three-dimensional and textured, and the effect of eyebrow makeup is enhanced.

Therefore, in the process of design and production of eyebrow dyes, more emphasis is placed on color changes, and most of the colors of eyebrow dyes are not suitable for use as mascara.

At the same time, eyebrow dye and mascara have different functions of waterproofing, anti-oil, and anti-smudge. Although eyebrow dyeing cream has a strong waterproof effect, because there is not much oil in the eyebrows, the ability to resist oil is weak.

The eyelashes are affected by the face, and usually require strong anti-oil and anti-smudge functions, otherwise, it is easy to smudge and affect eye makeup and facial makeup. In this case, if you use brow tint as mascara, it may cause a large area of smudge, which will affect the makeup.

can you use brow gel as mascara? Eyebrow tint should not be used as mascara. Dyed eyebrow cream is more irritating, and it is not good for the eyes! The formulas of the two are also different, and there is no way to brush the eyebrows with the effect of mascara. Eyebrow balm is an eyebrow makeup that has appeared in recent years. Before brow balm appeared, makeup artists used sparse mascara to comb the eyebrows, and brown mascara to color the upper part of the eyelashes.

On the other hand, the mascara’s color is too dark and not suitable for eyebrows. Although eyebrow dye and mascara are very similar, the parts and effects of the two are completely different, so it is not recommended for everyone to mix them. Using eyebrow dye as mascara may cause smudges, and using mascara as eyebrow dye It may cause the makeup to be dull and dull due to the dark color.

The skin around the eyes is relatively fragile, eyebrow gel will irritate the eye skin, and may also cause skin redness and irritation. Moreover, the texture of eyebrow gel is different from that of eyeliner gel, and the ingredients are also different. Do not mix the two. It is better to use special cosmetics.

Perfect makeup can only be achieved with the right products. If you don’t have eyeliner pencils, you can temporarily replace them with eyebrow gels, but you can’t use them for a long time. The right product should be applied to the right place to keep your skin safe and clean.