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You must want to know what is the best eye makeup for golden dress. This is a problem for many girls who want to wear gold dresses to parties. The flamboyance and sophistication of a gold gown is unmatched by any other color, while its eye makeup needs to go through serious thought and application.

So, what eye makeup can match the gold dress?

The gold eye makeup for golden dress is very suitable. Gold eye shadow is very noble and eye-catching, and with a gold dress, you are the most glamorous queen of the party. Next, we will introduce how to wear a gold eye makeup.

First, we take a small amount of pink eyeshadow and apply it to the back part of the upper eyelid for priming. Then take some matte gold eyeshadow and draw it on the front part of the upper eyelid.

Take some brownish-red eyeshadow and draw it on the upper eyelid at the end of the eye. Next, dab a little orange pearlescent eyeshadow with your finger and apply it to the middle of your upper eyelid. Also take the gold eyeshadow from before and sweep it over the top of the eye to highlight.

Finally, we draw a natural upward eyeliner along the root of the upper eyelid lashes, while curling the lashes and applying mascara. In this way, we complete the makeup.

Are there any other eye makeup for golden dress?

In addition to gold eyeshadow, brown eyeshadow is also very suitable. It will make your whole outfit elegant, generous and full of mature charm. Below we will introduce how to draw a brown makeup look.

Apply a light brown color to the middle of the upper eyelid to create a small eye socket with a natural edge stain, then stain the back half of the lower eyelid with a light brown residual powder.

Press a dab of the glitter color onto the middle of the upper eyelid with your finger and slowly smudge it to the top of the eye, then use the remaining smudge on the lower eyelid for highlighting.

Use a dark brown eyeshadow on the back third of the upper eyelid to create a smaller eye socket than in the first step and to serve as a deepening effect. Then smudge the back third of the lower eyelid with the remaining powder.

Finally, use a black eyeliner to draw the inner and outer eyeliner, curl the eyelashes, put on false eyelashes, and brush the upper and lower lashes.

What else do you need for eye makeup besides eye shadow

Eye cream

This is something we all use every day, before we put on makeup to give our eyes a pre-makeup treatment.


Conceal pigmentation and uneven skin tone around the eyes. It allows the eyeshadow to show its color.

Sponge puff

For setting makeup around the eyes must be set with a sponge puff that can be evenly pressed with loose powder around the eyes, because eye makeup requires a more permanent look, so setting makeup is key.

Fine tip eyeliner

Find a fine eyeliner pen to complete the eye eyeliner outline, different makeup using different eyeliner texture, but whether it is powder or cream or liquid, do not avoid thick lines.

Eye shadow brush

Some people prefer to use brushes, or there are those who prefer to use their fingers.

Eyelash curler

It is best to have two types of eyelash curlers, one is our normal eyelash curler and the other is a bureau curler that can be clipped to the edges.

Two mascaras

One is a little sticky, used to brush the root and waist of the eyelashes, where the curler is, to set the shape, and the other is to brush the lashes slightly. Just brush evenly to curl.

Where can I buy eye makeup for golden dress?

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