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Glow moisturizer with SPF can fully hydrate your skin without leaving a chalky white tint while preventing sunburn, tanning, and aging from UV rays of the sun without affecting the texture, smell, or effect.

As far as I know, some people don’t like to apply sunscreen, especially in the summer, because they think that applying a layer of moisturizer and then a layer of sunscreen will make the skin suffocating; Or because of the limited time in the morning, it is impossible to wait until a layer of lotion has dried before applying sun protection; Or some people can’t rub too many layers of skin care products or cosmetics because her skin is more sensitive.

For these concerns, I recommend that you buy a glow moisturizer with SPF so that you can apply only one layer in the morning, which is simple, fast, and light.

How to choose an excellent glow moisturizer with sun protection?

A perfect glow moisturizer with SPF should provide broad-spectrum sun protection, which refers that UVA and UVB radiation can not damage your skin under full protection.

And the moisturizer itself should not clog the pores and is considered non-comedogenic and safe for cosmetic users with sensitive skin.

Furthermore, it is good to contain antioxidants in the glow moisturizer, because antioxidants are the second line layer that protects the skin from free radical damage.

How to use a glow moisturizer with sun protection?

Twenty to thirty minutes before leaving the house, use a coin-sized amount of glow moisturizer to thoroughly and evenly cover the face without circling or rubbing. Don’t forget about your eyelids, back of the neck, elbow, and knee, which are often disregarded. You’ll need to reapply them every two hours to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day, whether you’re inside or outside.

UV rays penetrate deeply, whether in the summer, on rainy days, or in the winter, therefore sun protection is required all year. To avoid destroying the sunscreen layer, use glow moisturizer first and then apply foundation, depending on your specific makeup application habits.

What’s the best glow moisturizer with SPF?

Perfect Diary’s glow moisturizer with SPF is a multi-functional sunscreen umbrella is a multi-functional sunscreen umbrella for the skin that protects and isolates in just one step, turning complexity into simplicity. It contains anti-oxidant actives that not only help protect you from UV radiation that can cause tanning and photoaging, but also prevent your skin from becoming dull, creased, or balling up.

The components of the glow moisturizer are non-irritating, light, and won’t clog pores or suffocate acne. It’s possible to describe it as a product that combines sun protection, brightening, and caring all in one.

When we talk about sun protection, we all think of it can be divided into two categories, one is physical sun protection and one is chemical sun protection. The general sunscreen can only do chemical sun protection. And physical sun protection is generally achieved by wearing a jacket, hitting an umbrella, wearing a hat, or other procedures.

The Perfect Diary glow moisturizer was scientifically formulated to perform a mix of physical and chemical actions in a one-to-two ratio to provide long-lasting sun protection and skin freshness. It contains physical sunscreen, which helps develop a sunscreen film rapidly and lasts a long time while also reflecting UV rays to provide skin protection. Chemical sunscreen, on the other hand, is non-sticky, light, and refreshing, and it collects UV radiation, transforms them to heat, and then releases them.

It contains Particulate Brightening Factor to reduce skin’s exposure to free radicals and make it more moisturized and radiant, Dandelion Leaf Extract to increase antioxidant activity for better skin care, and Tocopherol to help reduce skin’s exposure to free radicals and slow down photoaging.

We all say that applying sunscreen is the first step to becoming beautiful, so please pay more attention to it. If you are in pursuit of efficient sun protection, then the glow moisturizer with SPF from Perfect Diary is a must-have product in everyone’s cosmetic kits.

And we all know that when you start using sunscreen, you start anti-aging, and your skin will stop aging at that point. Consequently, buy the glow moisturizer immediately to apply every day.