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How to use Bronzer and highlighter is one of the most critical steps when contouring and defining one’s face. This is why you must read this article to master these two cosmetics.

A. Bronzers, a Fake Tan.
They are used to give your face a darker tone, like being in the sun for many hours. They are used for contouring and defining the shape of the face and provide a natural look if done correctly. The term “sunkissed” is very popular and associated with bronzers. They are very popular for a tanned look from the beaches, golden glow, and sculpting of the face. They usually come in shimmer or matte textures and differ in their composition: s: powder, cream, gel, and liquid. There is tonos goodness one gets from bronzers like:

1. Gives a sunkissed and warm look.

2. Define the shape of the face and for contouring

3. They are also used with sunscreens and are nowadays SPF blended in them to not only give tanning but also protect from the sun.

How to use Bronzer

1. Prep your skin. First, Always start with clean and fresh skin for the best results and flawless application of bronzers. Make sure that you have appropriately done cleansing on your face and moisturization.

2. Primer ftw: To create the smoothest possible canvas for the rest of the makeup, apply a primer that suits your skin type.

3. Layering of Makeup: Apply the foundation which suits your skin type and concealers which are also elected to the imperfections you want to hide.

4a. Choose Bronzer Shade: To select the shade, remember that it should be two shades darker than your undertone and not go too dark. Pro tip: Bronzer made for cooler undertone bronzers are best for contouring, and red undertone bronzers are best for that sunkissed and tanned look.

4b. Choose Bronzer Composition: Powdered ones are great for oily skin and generally are suitable for all skin types. Gel and cream formulas are known for a more natural look. They are commonly used for normal and dry skin. Liquid ones are best for people with very dry skin who want a dewy look.

5a. Bronzers for an Oval Face
Apply the Bronzer of your choice at the apples of your cheeks; the rest blends into your hairline.

5b. Bronzers for Square Faces
For square gals, apply it in a “W” shape, i.e., on the bridge of the nose and across the apples of your cheeks.

5c. Bronzers for Round Faces
Start the application from the cheeks, brush upward towards the temples, and finish at the hairline. We recommend using the 3-in-1 Sculpting Palette from Perfect Diary to get the best bronzing results.

Your bronzer look is complete. Now, next move to the second part of our topic “How to Use Bronzer and Highlighter”.

B. Highlighters, Glowing Spells
They are basically the cherry on top of your makeup look. They are exactly opposite to what bronzers do for contouring the face, i.e., darkening the beginning, and these highlighters add more light to where they are applied. As the name suggests, they are great for adding glow to certain parts of the face and have tons of other benefits; it all depends on how they are used.

1. Adds glow to the face parts and helps them to stand out.

2. Add warmth to the décolletage and the face

3. Can be used to contour the face and define the shape

How to use Highlighter

1. Choose highlighter Composition: They come in powder, cream, or liquid-based formulas; the cream and liquid-based highlighters are great for normal to dry skin and do a great job of melting very quickly on the skin. Powder highlighters are great for oily skin.

2. Choose a highlighter shade: IF you have fair skin, try cooler tones in pearl or silver shades. Medium skin tones go best with pink and peach highlighters, and dark skin tones match well with golden or copper shades of highlighters.

3a. Application of Liquid highlighters: Swirl your fingers in the cream highlighters and tap them where you want to glow. Use a makeup sponge to blend it properly.

3b. Application of Powder highlighters: Use a tapered brush or fluffy eyeshadow brush to dip in the highlighter (little tapping) and apply it in a sweeping motion at the high points, i.e., cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid nows, and brow bones. We recommend using the Star Dust Diamond Highlight Powder from Perfect Diary.

3c. Application of Cream highlighters: Dab your favorite highlighter on the high points directly, and sheer/blend with your fingers.