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How to use green concealer? Many people know that green concealer can cover red, but it may be a bit difficult to operate. For beginners, it is indeed difficult to apply green directly to the face. You can choose to use other colors to mix them before application.

When applying makeup, since our face has more or fewer flaws, we need to cover it with some cosmetics, and concealer is a common concealer product, so how should concealer be used? When you have acne, the acne on your face looks particularly unnatural if you use a concealer. What kind of concealer should you choose to show your natural skin? Let’s learn together now!

How to use green concealer on your face?

At the turn of spring and summer, many friends will have allergies, redness, or outbreaks of acne. In terms of makeup, green concealer is essential!

Green concealer not only conceals imperfections but also works to adjust skin tone for a more natural-looking complexion. Concealers used to adjust skin tone come in different shades, and green concealer can cover up reddened skin on your face, such as scars or breakouts. Green concealer is better at covering pimples, but don’t use green concealer on dark areas of the face, such as under-eye circles, as it will backfire.

Green and red are complementary colors, so green concealer is very friendly to redness and acne marks, and it acts as a neutralizer. Generally, redness and redness on the sides of the cheeks and nose can be covered with a green concealer. The green concealer is perfect for covering redness and redness!

The first and most important step is never to apply concealer with your hands. Because there are a lot of bacteria on your hands, it will irritate your skin and cause your skin to be prone to redness and itching. Remember to always use a makeup brush or cotton pad when applying concealer.

When applying concealer, try to apply it as lightly as possible. Otherwise, applying too thick concealer will make your skin look unnatural. And applying lightly will help your pores to breathe fully and prevent them from clogging.

How to use green concealer? Focus the green concealer on the pimple. Brush the concealer from the bottom to the top, and gently tap the area where the concealer is applied, so that the concealer is evenly distributed on the acne-prone forehead. To make the acne more invisible, you need to dip in a concealer similar to your skin color product, layered on top of a previously applied green concealer.

If the acne is just in the open state and there is an exposed wound, you should avoid this area when applying makeup, and do not let the wound come into contact with makeup products, to avoid pigmentation and infection.

If you must makeup, you can use an acne patch to prevent the wound from coming into contact with makeup and to avoid wound infection. If there is an acne treatment product available, you can mix the acne treatment product with foundation and apply it to the acne-prone areas after obtaining the doctor’s permission. This will cover acne without getting in the way of makeup.

When applying complexion concealer, apply it in the direction of up, down, left, right, and four sides with the acne as the center, to take care of the uneven skin next to the acne. And the force must be gentle, so as not to push the previous green concealer away. If there are individual obvious pimples that are not covered, you can cover them again.

Apply the blended concealer evenly to the area to be modified and press lightly to fit, making sure there is no stickiness. After dipping in the foundation, brush the foundation on the face as soon as possible to avoid the moisture in the foundation evaporating and causing the foundation to dry out and not be compliant.

After brushing the foundation, if there are brush marks left on the face, you can use the makeup puff or blender to press the brush marks evenly to make the makeup more natural. Use the thinner part of the beauty blender to press the nose, the corner of the mouth, etc., pour a little makeup setting powder on the puff, and rub the puff to distribute the makeup setting powder evenly.