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Before we talk about how to choose the under eye primer for dry skin, I would like to ask the beauties a question. Now many girls encounter a problem, that is, by the weather or their own dry skin type, eye makeup does not last long and will often appear card lines off the phenomenon, which will not only look like the eyes do not glow spirit, but also affect the overall makeup.

So, this means that their carefully made makeup is completely wasted, what a pity! So it’s important for us to know what under eye primer for dry skin is, what it does, how to use it and how to determine the right eye primer for dry skin!

What is the under eye primer for dry skin?

First, the eye primer is a combination of skin care and makeup products specifically for the eyes, which can double the color of the eyeshadow, so that the makeup effect becomes super long-lasting, thus reducing the appearance of the line of accumulation and can better restore the original color of the eyeshadow, so that the skin tone looks better.

Second, the eye primer for dryness is that its ingredients need to contain some moisturizing skin ingredients to moisturize the eye skin of dry skin types. So the ingredients it contains generally include grape seed extract, caffeine, tea extract and so on, which is usually suitable for most dry skin types.


The first purpose is to even out the skin tone of the eyelids so that there is no color difference between the upper and lower eyelids, thus allowing for a higher and brighter eye shadow to be used later.

The second is to control the oil under the eyes to keep them fresh, which can largely avoid eye makeup coming off and make it last longer.

The third function is that it can isolate pigments to protect the skin from cosmetics such as eye shadow, which can also prevent pigmentation and thus prevent dark circles. In addition, if different skin care ingredients are added to it, it will also give it some care effect, that is, makeup can also be skin care at the same time.

How to choose a good under eye primer for dry skin?

First of all, we need to clearly understand that the product we pick is one that will help us with the dullness of the eyes and that it is designed to be a pre-makeup base for the eyes. In addition, the product is suitable for dry skin, that is to say, the texture needs to be light and lubricious, not too heavy, and secondly, its composition needs to contain some additives with moisturizing ingredients, so as to avoid the situation of card lines after use.

Don’t forget to use the product to effectively improve the adhesion of the eye shadow and enhance the vivid color of the eye shadow, so that the eye shadow does not come off and does not clump, but also for the soft eye skin to eliminate the feeling of dryness. It is also best if the product is followed by an eye powder that brightens the skin tone, making the eyeshadow shinier and more attractive without dullness.


For dry skin types, it is important to keep the skin in a soft state before using an eye primer, such as using a light-textured eye cream first. Eye primer is usually used before makeup and after applying sunscreen.

The method is to take an appropriate amount of eye primer, dotted on the eye makeup position, such as the upper and lower eyelids and eye corners and other positions, and then wait for about a minute, after the eyes are dry, you can start on the eye shadow, at this time the eye makeup on the color effect will be better.


With the above, we were able to clearly address the common questions about the under eye primer for dry skin, such as the meaning, role, usage and how to pick a good under eye primer for dry skin. There are many ways to become pretty, we must learn to make good use of various tools and techniques to help us make the most suitable makeup according to different situations, but also to improve their self-confidence.

As a new user, it is necessary to know these in order to make less mistakes when applying makeup and to know better. If you are interested, you can search for more information on our official website.