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Coral color lip gloss is very popular today for spring and summer, and it looks more vibrant and youthful than red lipstick. Even if you are going to a party or a dinner party, coral color is gorgeous enough to make you the center of attention.

Coral lip gloss is a mainstream color in the fashion trend. This color is suitable for all skin tones and can be a good way to enhance the overall tone, both dignified and elegant without being too serious and old-fashioned. Be sure to try it out.

What is coral color? How is it defined?
The famous paint company Sherwin-Williams named coral as the Color of the Year 2015, and this is how it describes coral:

A mix of pink, orange, and red.

As its name suggests, it is like a mysterious and dreamy coral flowing under the sea.

Is this coral color lip gloss for me?
The light, soft and cool-toned coral color is suitable for most people with fair skin tone. If you break it down, cool-toned fair-skinned people will look better with a pinkish coral, while warm-toned fair-skinned people will look better with an orange-toned coral.

People with intermediate skin tones can choose vibrant fruit colors, such as peach, apricot, and citrus. Among them, peachy coral colors are more suitable for cool-toned intermediate skin tones, while warm-toned intermediate skin tones can be matched with warm orange-toned coral colors.

For darker skin tones, you can be as bold as you like with a bright, orange-leaning coral lipstick. Coral colors based on big orange tones are more compatible with darker skin tones with cooler tones, while darker skin tones with warmer tones will look better with coral colors that have red added to them.

More details about coral color lip gloss
Matte coral colors are especially good for nighttime, but for daytime use it is best to choose a translucent color or one that is slightly pearlescent. The translucent shade makes you look modern and sophisticated without looking rough.

Keep the rest of your makeup simple. If you have picked a coral lipstick that is suitable for daytime, next try to pair it with a light concealer and a natural eyeshadow without eyeliner or too much exaggerated makeup so that it looks more natural and softer.

The most accurate way to find the right coral lip gloss for you is to do a test, find a coral palette and compare it with your skin tone, then you will know which color suits you best.

When you use a coral lip gloss, a light gray eyeshadow is the perfect match. Sweep the upper eyelid lightly with gray eyeshadow, then fill in the crease of the eyelid with a slightly darker gray, and a layered gray eye makeup is out!

Final Note
While many girls desire this glamorous coral color, others think it can look dull and even be considered a “charming and cute villain”. So how should you apply it? Here are three tips.

1. Use concealer to cover up around the lips
To avoid looking dark, it is recommended to cover up some of the area around your lips. Choose a concealer or foundation that is one shade “brighter” than your original skin tone and apply it to the darker areas around your lips. Let the concealer cover the skin more naturally, then pat the concealed area with the powder to set the makeup.

2. Hydration can hide lip lines and dead skin
Some girls have doubts that coral color will make lip lines and dead skin visible, it is recommended to use lip gloss that has both moisturizing and repairing effects and brighten up the “lip peak” area to make the lips hydrated and shiny.
3. Layered application works better
Deep lips with coral do not look good – this is definitely not a reason for you to reject it. You can get rid of all your worries by applying a lip biting makeup. Apply a layer on the whole lip first, and then focus on the inner side with an extra layer of sip to cover the lip lines.

In short, this romantic and youthful color you miss will be a regret, before the summer is over, quickly pick a coral color lip gloss that suits you!