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What is plumping lip gloss? It remains the most common question searched by millennials, Gen Z, and everyone just entering the glossier and fuller world of lip glosses. If you are also one of them, read this article to ensure you discover the goodness of plumping lip gloss. 

What is plumping lip gloss

Lips are one of the most critical aspects of one’s face makeup, along with the cupid’s bow, which gives a perspective to the entire look. The right lip makeup color will enhance it, and the wrong one will be an utter disaster. Lipsticks are now glossier, nourishing, and multi-beneficial to make them even better looking. Lip Gloss is specially made to give that shiny gloss to the lips, which makes them more evident and youthful. And now we have lip plumping glosses.

Shine meets Plumping

They are made with unique formulae to make your lips fuller and look more prominent. They work exactly like any lip gloss, which you might already be accustomed to using but with the added functionality of adding a fuller effect on your lips. Add volume and define shape; this is what plumping lip gloss does to your lips. The effect of plumping gloss is temporary, usually lasting between sixty to ninety minutes, enough for your Instagram stories and live streams. 

How do they work?

Most of the common brands of lip plumping gloss use hydration agent hyaluronic acid in their products which has tens folds more ability to retain water with them and does wonders in a gloss. This enables the gloss to keep natural body water for much longer, even if exposed to sunlight or dry weather in general.

Other plumping glosses come with a stinging agent that dilates the blood vessels in the lips, increasing the blood flow and making them look fuller. This process causes some irritation and tingling sensation (and in some cases can cause signification irritation if applied on sensitive skin)

It is worth noting that the ones with hydrating agents take some time to show their results, while the ones with stinging ingredients are known to be instant plumpers of your lips. 


1. Lip Augmentation

This cosmetic procedure gives you much longer and better results. It involves injecting ” injectable dermal filler,” a dose of hydrating agents. This gives the ability to retain more fluids and dilate the blood vessels. Hyaluronic acid remains the best and most commonly used agent for this procedure. Collagen was also used to be injected but is now replaced by hyaluronic acid, which has almost no side effects and long-term results. 

(Stay away from implants and fat injections as they have many side effects and can go wrong horribly, google it if you want to see celebrities gone wrong with implants)

2. Instant Lip Plumping Shots 

Lip plumpers or boosters can also be used instead of an ordinary plumping gloss and provide instant plumping. Manufacturers are now releasing these products in a very effective method to apply, which can be used with lip liner or lipstick or directly on the lips.

3. Massage 

Grab pure almond oil and apply it with your fingers every day before sleep to supple lips. It will nourish them with loads of Vitamin C and E, along with antioxidants which help them remain moisturized and healthy resulting in more youthful lips. You can also go with honey, tomato juice, milk, and sugar paste to remove dead skin from the lips and provide the necessary nutrients to become more hydrated and fuller lips naturally. Lip balms are also recommended. 

4. Concealer on lips, what?

If you are surprised, don’t be because concealers hide your imperfections and can help you get a better pout. Apply them before and after lipstick and witness your lips popping!


1. Although this looks very simple to get results in real life, the plumper looking after the application only lasts for a short time. Only short dates and social media can be ideal for plumping glosses.

2. Moreover, if used frequently in a single day, it can irritate when applied and may result in cracks and damage to lips once they wear off.

3. Upon application of most plumping glosses, p[eople can experience a slight tingling sensation lasting between five to ten minutes.

This was our take on the common question What is plumping lip gloss. Looking for an excellent gloss? Try our recommendation Floating Light Lip Gloss from Perfect Diary. Five stars rating, ultra-glossy, and long-lasting effects, all in a shiny bottle.