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Have you ever tried the grey brown eyebrow pencil before? Grey brown is a relatively light color and at the same time very fashionable. However, not all people are suitable for this color, it has to do with your hair color and makeup. Do you want to know how to pick the best color eyebrow pencil for you? Please continue to scroll down.

How to choose your eyebrow pencil color?
Match your eyebrow color to your hair color

The color of your eyebrows has a lot to do with the color of your hair. Only if the two colors are closer, the appearance of a person will look more harmonious and beautiful. Only black hair is best suited for black eyebrows, and if they are two completely different colors, they will only make a person look very strange. So, when you change your hair color, take care of your eyebrows as well.

For some of the more popular light hair colors, such as flaxen, soft pink, brownish green, sky blue, gray, etc., you need to bleach your hair first when you dye it, and then color it afterwards. Because if the hair itself is black, it is not easy to light color coloring. So, when you bleach, you generally have to bleach your eyebrows together, and when you color them, you dye them the same color as your hair.

If you have yellow hair and black eyebrows, it makes it look like you are wearing a wig, which is extremely unnatural. This is something that many people don’t notice, but especially at first glance, it can give a very odd look.

If the color of your eyebrows is not uniform with your hair color, and you don’t want to color your eyebrows, you can use eyebrow dye instead. There are many shades of eyebrow tint available, so choose one that is similar in color to your hair color.

After applying your makeup, color your eyebrows. This is very convenient for people who often change their hair color and can effectively solve the problem of inconsistent hair and eyebrow color.

Grey brown eyebrow pencil is a relatively natural color, if your hair color is light brown, then you can try it.

Match your eyebrow color with your skin tone
Skin tone is also a reference standard when going for an eyebrow color when applying eye makeup. Darker skin tones must not choose an eyebrow color that is too light and too red; a dark brown or grayish-black eyebrow color is more suitable. And light skin tone should consider light brown or brown eyebrow pencil or powder, for example, grey brown eyebrow pencil can be a choice.

Specific reference eyebrow colors for different skin tones.

1. Pale skin: Coffee color reddish can be another pale skin tone to show a certain blood color, so coffee color is more suitable for facial pale people.

2. Pinkish skin: pinkish skin tone can directly use black coffee color.

3. Yellow skin: three copies of black coffee color with one copy of black, gray, can make the yellow skin to present a creamy yellow slightly beautiful white tone.

4. Brown skin: two black coffee color with a black gray can increase the health of brown skin.

5. Red skin: red skin with two copies of black coffee color with a natural black gray can be another skin tone tends to pinkish white.

6. Dark skin: Dark skinned people look soft and healthy with black coffee color.

How to use color for eyebrows
1. The head of the eyebrow area is dark because of the thick and hard eyebrow hairs, so we can use an earthy yellow eyebrow pencil to draw a transparent and hazy texture to make the thick black eyebrows look soft and delicate.

2. The tail part of the eyebrow is soft and sparse, so we need to use a darker line to create the same texture as the front part of the eyebrow to achieve overall eyebrow harmony.

3. The peak of the eyebrow and the stem of the eyebrow are the areas with the most eyebrow hairs, so you only need to embroider a light fluffy feeling to make a harmonious connection between the eyebrow and the tip of the eyebrow.

4. For those who like to wear heavy makeup, the color can be darker. People who don’t wear makeup often should outline their eyebrows along a light fuzz.