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The earth tone makeup looks are always the most classic and the choice that will not wrong no matter what the situation is. Earth tones in a narrow sense are brown, beige, khaki, which are colors from nature and the earth. But after blending with other colors, orange tones, pink tones, blue and purple tones, yellow and green tones can also be classified as earth colors.

As a classic color, earth tones are very common and are the first choice of many makeup beginners. It is also very versatile for a wide range of occasions and works well for your daily needs or for a certain solemn ball.

Here, we introduce two ways to draw earth tone makeup looks, so that even makeup beginners can easily apply this classic eye makeup.

Earth tone eye makeup I: brown eye makeup
Use your fingers or an eyeshadow brush to dab a light brown eyeshadow with pearl on the eyelid in a wide sweeping motion. Pay attention to small amounts and multiple applications to create layers from light to dark.

Choose a brown eyeshadow pencil to apply the outer eyeliner. Starting from the head of the eye and following the contour of the eye all the way to the end, which can deepen the depth of the eye.

For the eyeliner, choose a brown eyeliner water pencil to apply. Draw a thin eyeliner along the base of the eyelashes. Such brown eyeliner can both magnify the eyes and soften the look of the eyes.

Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes and apply black mascara in a zigzag pattern to make them long and curly.

Earth eye makeup II: bronze eye makeup
Choose a creamy bronze eyeshadow cream and apply it along the base of lashes in an arc over the entire eye area. Pearlescent bronze eyeshadow illuminates the eyes.

Choose a pearlescent beige eyeshadow to overlay on the eyelid to enhance the wet, shiny look of the eyes.

Use a red-brown pearlescent eyeshadow to stain the corner of the eyelid area to create a sense of layering of the eyes.

To make the look more coordinated, you can choose to comb the eyebrows along their natural growth with a clear mascara to make them reflect the shine of the eyelids.

To create the perfect earth tone look, we can think of more inspiration elsewhere on the face besides eyeshadow.

Sophisticated Blush in Brown
To create the classic earth tone makeup looks of your dreams, a brown blush is the key to add to your overall look. The secret comes from the almost imperceptible brown blush that sweeps from the corner of the eye to the cheekbone, but the glow of the skin is still very visible. Just layer it on before applying makeup to give your skin a natural glow.

The best partner for earth makeup: matte foundation
The role of matte foundation is to provide a high quality “canvas” whether it is nude or not, and brown blush that emphasizes light and shadow contrast needs the support of this perfect canvas to achieve.

Makeup steps:
Step1: After applying the cream blush, press off the excess oil with tissue paper, and then use a brush or sponge to apply the foundation. Choose the darkest color of powder blush and apply it under the cheekbones and create a contour from the ear to the lips in an oblique direction.

Step 2: Choose a brown powder blush and blur it out in a circular motion. To accentuate the sense of dimension and increase contrast, choose the lightest shade of blush for the position above the smile muscle and combine it with blush application to make a gradual connection.

Lipstick suggestions for earth tone makeup
The idea of matching eye makeup and lip makeup is that eye makeup is thick, then lip makeup is light, and vice versa, eye makeup is light and lip makeup is thick. The earth tone makeup itself is rather light and inconspicuous, so we can use a lipstick with a strong color to emphasize our look. For example, bright red, orange, plum color are all good choices.