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Have you ever used makeup sponge with handle? In the fast-paced urban life, no matter what we do, we strive to be fast and accurate. Of course, putting on precise makeup is no exception. Every morning is like a race against time. We will choose some more convenient bases when applying foundation. Today we are going to introduce to you a mushroom-shaped sponge, it can make our makeup docile and natural.

You may be very familiar to use a beauty blender sponge. The mushroom-shaped sponge is an item that works like a blender sponge, but with a handle. The puff adopts the shape of a mushroom, which perfectly combines our puff with a sponge, and there is a handle for this puff, which will be very convenient when we apply makeup.

And for this mushroom-shaped sponge, its texture is also very light and thin, and it is easy to pat away, allowing us to apply the foundation in a few minutes when applying makeup, and it is still a very perfect and very docile base makeup. If you do not know how to use it, get to learn now!

Like the blender sponge, when we use this makeup sponge with handle, we can also soak its head, so that it has a strong ability to absorb powder liquid, and it can also make the makeup more natural and docile when applying makeup, it only takes a few minutes It can quickly create an even and delicate makeup surface, so that our foundation will not take off and not dull all day, and it is very perfect all day.

Before using, you need to wet the mushroom head puff with water for better foundation application and makeup. When using the mushroom-shaped puff to dip the foundation, it should be lightly superimposed on the face in a small amount and several times, so that the matte feeling of natural and good skin can be presented.

In the different areas of your face, you can gently squeeze the mushroom head to form a triangle shape, and then apply it to the details of the face. The mushroom-shape puff needs to be cleaned regularly. So that it is not easy to contaminate your skin.

The specific method of cleaning the makeup sponge with handle is to pour makeup remover or facial cleanser on it. After it has been soaked in water, rub and press the puff with both hands to generate foam, and wait until the dirt and foundation in the puff are cleaned out, Then clean it with clean water, and finally dry the water in the air cushion with a paper towel or a clean absorbent towel.

When applying makeup, it is usually more hygienic and convenient to use makeup tools than directly by hand, and the makeup will be more natural. Many people use a puff or a beauty blender sponge when applying makeup. These two are the most common makeup tools when applying makeup. Although the main properties of puffs are the same, there are differences between them.

The biggest difference in the mushroom-shaped puff is in the handle. Because there is an extra handle, there is a focus point, which can save a lot of effort and speed. Also, the head of the mushroom puff is thicker than the air cushion puff, and it is relatively three-dimensional.

The status of the makeup sponge with a handle is a mushroom shape. Putting on makeup is like stamping, just cover it a small number of times, and it is easy for everyone to get started. And you can save some foundation by using such a tool.

A suitable makeup tool can make your makeup look more natural and compliant. When choosing makeup tools, just choose the one that is suitable for you. Whether it is a makeup brush, puff, sponge, or direct application of makeup by hand, you will find that different makeup tools have different grasping power on foundation, and the amount of foundation used is also different.

You can use different tools for different makeup effects. If you have dry skin, you can try this makeup sponge with handle for makeup application, because you need to wet the sponge before use, then your skin will be moister when you apply makeup. Don’t worry about peeling or sticking as it provides you with increased hydration of cosmetics.